The Wesak Festival and Celebration is a yearly Source of Inner Strength and Rapid Spiritual Development for all Practitioners.

The Phenomena of Divine Energies released during this period penetrates the Minds, Hearts, and Souls of all people joining the event. This Grace manifests as an Increase of Divine Light – which showers onto and into everyone and everything – within an enormous radius of the various Celebrations taking place globally – and impregnates the Earth itself!

Searchers on the Spiritual Path, including Yogis, Energy Healers, Natural Practitioners, and others – know that “The Wesak” brings a particular Quality and tremendous downpouring of Spiritual Energy into our lives. This Increases our Soul Energy – giving the Participant a deep sense of Revitalization, Transformation, and Regeneration. Each year, these Energies uplift, nourish and sustain the Evolution of Humanity and the entire Planet Earth.

When Spiritual Preparation is undertaken – the Festival leads to the Strengthening of each Participant. The Cleansing and Energizing process removes normal obstacles – infusing all – with the desire to dedicate their lives to Humanitarian Projects as well as to Personal Spiritual Development. Each person becomes a Divine Channel – for Doing Service – through Increasing their Frequency and Igniting their Souls with both Spiritual Force and Inspiration.

Participants should focus on preparing their lives Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually – so as to receive, properly contain, and share the Abundance of this Divine Grace. Increasing their Devotion to God and to their Spiritual Teacher through becoming filled with Greater Light. Then this may consciously be transmitted into All Projects and Activities the Practitioner undertakes.  Awareness of this Empowerment – which allows the Projection of this Divine Vibration into the Practitioners every Thought, Word and Action not holding on to the Gift of this Precious Divine Energy as a new Accumulation within one’s life. The objective is to Receive, Direct and Release Energy by Spreading Light, Love, and Blessings wherever one goes. source:

One of the meditations that I love and practice daily is the  Planetary Meditation for Peace.  I highly recommend you try it on the days leading to the Wesak Full moon you can download it here:

The first Full Moon of Taurus, which is also titled the “Full Flower Moon” by the because of the abundant flowers everywhere during this time period, is a time also known as The Wesak Festival Celebration. During “The Wesak,”  Divine Grace and Mercy are released with incredible intensity, more so than at any other time of year. The Wesak Festival Celebration is interlaced with the Loving and Compassionate Energies of the Lord Buddha and the Lord Christ and is a yearly source of inner strength and rapid spiritual development for all practitioners. It is written that the Phenomena of Divine Energies released during this period penetrates the minds, hearts, and souls of all people joining the event. Visualize this white light all around you, and shining into you, filling you with joy and healing.

Each year on “The Wesak,” is a day known historically as the day in which Sakyamuni Buddha, who lived around 600 B.C., becomes fully enlightened. The Wesak day is extremely special, and full of Divine Energy because it’s the day that the Buddha made a commitment to keep in touch with our world, and every human being in a special way.  The Buddha’s energies and connection to the planet and to mankind are particularly strong. Disciples of all schools —Buddhists, Hindus, and Christ-followers, as well as other non-religious groups —understand the Wesak period as a period of facilitating tremendous insight and deep blessings to those who participate.

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Wishing you wonderful Blessings

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences

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