This workshop is for anyone who longs to reach a state of inner calmness, who harbor negative thoughts and emotions that turn you against yourself or turn you against the people around you or anyone wondering how to escape emotional agitation or turmoil within or around you.

Awaken the Light Within Level I & II

Date: April 2021
09:00 am online


This workshop if for you if…

  • Desire to send loving energy and strength to others and receive yourself
  • Want to learn to use simple practices for kindness and compassion
  • Master the ability to love yourself and others
  • Ready for a breakthrough, to unlock a deeper understanding of the subtle inner worlds, as well as spiritual truths

You should attend this event if you are:

  • Ready to bring love and light into your life and those around you
  • Motivated to change your inner state resulting in your outer surroundings changing
  • Driven to practice regularly and develop a greater compassion and will power leading to an increased energy level.

Price goes up to $225 after March 1st, so grab your seat!

Level I & II will both be taught virtually on the same day

After completion you will receive an Internationally recognized certification from The Inner Sciences organization.

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