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Full Moon Meditation

Join me for a guided, one-hour meditation Full Moon Meditation LIVE on Facebook. Full Moon Meditation Date: This event is recurring every Full Moon. Next event: Thursday, October 1 2020 05:00 pm PST on Facebook live Watch live here This event is recurring every Full Moon. Regardless of whether meditation is new to you or if you are an experienced ...
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Procrastination workshop

Breaking Through Your Procrastination Workshop Procrastination is a leading cause to stress in our lives. Join me so we can understand where your stress is coming from and explore the tools to help you break free, become more productive and enjoy the time you’ve gained back. Procrastination workshop
Offered 2 times.  choose the date that works best for you:
Date: Sept Wednesday ...
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Pranic Energy Healing Level 2 – October 2020

Pranic Energy Healing Level II is for all those who feel the need to have more Knowledge and a broader Understanding regarding Energy and its Applications – than given in Level I.

This Level gives a Practitioner advanced Techniques to professionalize their skills through the Application of Color Energy Treatments.

In this Workshop Practitioners will learn to more deeply understand that Energy Technology ...
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Pranic Energy Healing Level 1 – November 2020

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient Method of Balancing the Physical Body, the Personality, one’s Life and Environment. This Method uses Knowledge about the Existence of the Energy Bodies - which Surround and Infuse the Physical Body with Vital Life Force. This “Life Force” is contained within every aspect of Life and may be directed from one person to another ...
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The Technology Scanning – Learning to Feel Energies – January 2021

For centuries Natural Healers and others have used their hands to "Feel" or "Scan" various kinds of Energies.
Now you can learn the Skill of "Feeling Energy" OR you may vastly improve this important ability to a far greater degree – in only one day!
Have you ever wondered if someone was telling you the Truth?
Have you ever wondered which product to buy ...
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The Alchemy of Youth 1 Day Seminar – February 2021

People are stressed out, tired and aging too fast. Join us for a 1 day event & let us share 25 years of experience in what we know to be effective. The fast-paced lives we live today are taking a toll on our bodies. We have simple & effective techniques to boost your energy, manage stress build up & slow ...
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Energetic Technology for Business Management Workshop – March 2021

Understanding business dynamics from the esoteric perspective This unique Workshop allows participants to break free from traditional approaches to Business Challenges. Thereby it assists in removing obstacles, which otherwise may even not been recognized. Through Using The Energy Technologies for Business Management you are able to view Business also from the Energetic Perspective! Be Empowered to find greater Success as an ...
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Awaken the Light Within Level I & II – April 2021

This workshop is for anyone who longs to reach a state of inner calmness, who harbor negative thoughts and emotions that turn you against yourself or turn you against the people around you or anyone wondering how to escape emotional agitation or turmoil within or around you. Awaken the Light Within Level I & II Date: April 2021
09:00 am online ...
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Retreat Spain – June 2021

Back by popular demand, and after all this lock down, we are setting our eyes on the horizon for 2021 to get back into the flow of the retreats. Destination: Andalucia, Spain. Date options: June 2021 or September 2021 Please get on our mailing list and you will be notified the minute we finalize the event. You will get priority ...
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