Are you feeling lost, hurt, or disconnected?
Are you experiencing physical or emotional turmoil?
Has mainstream medicine failed you?
Let’s get you back into energy that is attuned to nature and your true self.
Experience a transformation that leads to a happy, fulfilled life with Dorothea Healing.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing helps with the same situations as in person healing.

Energy moves and is transmitted via an electromagnetic field. It touches each of us and connects us to each other and with nature. We are connected to the moon, sun, stars, and galaxy through this energy. Even the tides of the ocean are affected by this galactic energy, as are the plants and foods we eat. Have you ever thought of someone – and then that person calls or emails you? We say, “You must be telepathic! I was just thinking of you!” This is an example of how our thoughts and energies are transmitted to others. 

When our thoughts are higher, more pure, and more full of love – we are then able to transmit those thoughts across the globe or to anyone we want. Distance healing is performed using this principle. I connect with you by phone or video call to perform the distance healing. Just like a phone has no wires, and you can still connect with a person miles away, so energy healing connects. I have been doing distant healing for many years and it has opened up lots of possibilities to reach those who need healing miles away, even in other countries and on distant continents. The results are the same, whether the client is in the same room with me or across an ocean. 

Pet Healing

Energy Healing can also be applied to Pet Healing

We see pets as part of our families, not just pets. We are energetically connected with our pets. Professional dog trainers like Cesar Millan emphasize the importance of communicating with your dog with calm energy. While our pets do understand commands, they are highly focused on reading our energy. If we are stressed, they become stressed as well. If we are fearful, our dog or cat will pick up on that energy and become protective. When we are overwhelmed with love for our dear pets, they sense our emotions and respond with signs of affection. 

All life forms are composed of energy, but that life force energy (or Chi) can become off balance due to physical, emotional, or mental issues. Humans and their pets are emotionally and energetically interdependent. We impact each other’s energy through our Chakras and meridian systems. The animals in our lives pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Pets absorb their owners’ feelings and emitted energy. Pets can also have emotional issues – this is evidenced when we see shelter dogs who are fearful and anxious after experiencing homes of mistreat, neglect or abandonment.

It’s important to shift anxiety and fearfulness, and create a calm, loving, safe environment so there is balance in the entire Chakra system. You can create harmony for your pets by settling their emotional, psychological, and physical challenges and ensuring that their bodies function optimally. Humans balance Chakras through meditation, yoga, breath work, massage, energy healing, aromatherapy, floral essences, and ritual cleaning/cleansing.

But the most effective way to balance an animal’s Chakra System is through vibrational energy. That’s why I offer healing flower essences for pets.

Flower Essence Therapy is an easy and effective form of energy healing. It is a simple way to treat your pet at home. Flower Essence formulations raise the vibrational energy of your pets and support the physical and emotional healing needed.

They are very effective in calming your pet, harmonizing their behavior, and supporting the healing of physical conditions. They are formulated for your pets’ specific needs and easy to use. Try Dorothea Flower Essences to relieve anxiety or address emotional and physical issues that your pet is experiencing. I look forward to supporting you and your beloved pets on their healing journey.

Energy Healing

Turn your life from turmoil to flow and joy

Our bodies are made of energy. Your body’s molecules and tiny fibers are held together by energy. When you understand your own energy field and carefully analyze what is making you stressed or unhappy, you can recognize when you are not functioning at a healthy and happy pace. Balancing our Chakras and Meridians, is of utmost importance for a healthy balanced life. “Chakra” is an ancient word that means wheel in Sanskrit. There are seven Chakras along the body’s center that govern our responses to the energy around us. Meridians are energy pathways that run along the body up and down and what traditional Chinese medicine is based on.

What we feel is what we radiate. Our environment also affects our energy – the world, our food/drink, and our interactions with others. We can have positive or negative thoughts according to our internal or external energy fields. Likewise, radiating those thoughts inward or outward can change our energy field for the better or for the worse. Radiating happy and loving thoughts will not only affect your own energy field to be more positive, but it will radiate to touch others in your life. Being the light that radiates love will only attract more of that into your life. Energy Healing balances and clears your energy field. This results in a more positive outlook on life. Energy Healing also includes counseling to help define the core issues that are causing the distress, leading to an unhealthy body. This includes our flower essences as a support to the healing process that you will experience through Energy Healing.

Feng Shui

Energy Healing can be applied to our homes, offices and environment with the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui

You can attract more wealth and harmony in your home and workspace by shifting the energy from stagnation to flow. This increases abundance and peace in your environment and life. Energy healing can be applied to our homes and office environments with the ancient philosophy of feng shui. This space readjustment is often sought by people who have noticed things are not going well in their life. You may feel as though work is stagnant and nonproductive, that relationships are in discord, that you’re constantly tired, or that you simply cannot relax in your space. For many, home offices have now become our workspaces. If these spaces are not ideally situated to be in harmony, help may be needed with the flow of energy and attracting abundance. Feng Shui is the art of rebalancing the energy in a home or office to bring harmony to relationships, finances, and overall health.

How it works:

This ancient Chinese philosophy focuses on balancing the energy (or “Chi”) of the environment in which we live. Simple adjustments to the direction of one’s bed or desk can shift the energy flow and the situation created by the previous energy blockage.

Sometimes, the intentional placement of mirrors, colored fabrics, or plants is all that is required, and other times, it may take removing items of furniture to achieve the harmonious effect of the energy. Every environment is unique; therefore, applying the proper feng shui fundamentals is key. In other situations, it may just be a matter of clearing the space with energy healing. Imagine peace and harmony within your home and your office. What would it be like to have abundance and prosperity easily flow to your business? How would your relationships flourish? Feng shui can bring greater prosperity, happiness, and balance to your life. Get in touch to discover how a Feng Shui enhancement can help you attract more success and abundance.

“Doris understands how energy impacts a business. She has been instrumental in helping us with the energy clearing of our offices.” – J.S. Ventura

Corporate Wellness

We have taken our Energy Healing tools to Corporate Wellness Programs

It’s time to bring energy healing tools into your workplace. This can positively impact your workplace by reducing stress in the environment. Benefits include higher productivity, better customer care, lower employee turnover, and improved team morale.

A company’s greatest asset is its people. Maintaining harmony and balance in the workplace reflects on the cooperative relationship between team members, management, and customers. You’ll experience many benefits from a more harmonious working atmosphere!

How it works:

Schedule an appointment so I can understand your organization’s needs and challenges. I will then create an in-house program that is customized to fit the needs of your organization. I teach meditation and simple relaxation / general wellness approaches that employees can also perform on their own. These may be as simple as breathing techniques to relax, healthy food and lifestyle suggestions and other easy to follow guidelines. Our work can be done inhouse or via zoom. These customized programs can be applied to a small business or a large corporation.

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