The media is full of audio downloads guiding us to meditate, stay calm, and find inner peace. Meditation is often used by the world’s most effective leaders and creatives.

Many of us may have meditated as young children, yet unaware that this was the name of our activity. Do you remember as a kid, just before sleeping you would go over the days’ activities and then in a state of wishful thinking and a kind of prayer go deep within and give life to tomorrow’s wish, then after that you would sleep peacefully knowing it is done! This is a form of prayer or meditation. Reaching to a place or source that is a higher power that grants wishes and makes all things possible.

Should you have attended Sunday school, the same would be taught by the teacher to pray and ask. For it shall be granted and blessed. Well somewhere between then and now, most people lose this simple connection and process. Thanks to the trend of meditation, this is all coming back to awaken this skill that has been forgotten.

Many spiritual schools use different approaches to meditation. All are good. Monks of various religions practice meditation in the form of daily prayer. Meditation is a tool that can stay with you all your life and is available whenever you like. Just like a prayer, your religious faith is always there for you.
To start on a simple way to meditate, just sit still and focus on the breath going in and out of our nostrils. Do this for one minute, and check how your body feels. Are you more relaxed? Feeling less anxiety? Let us now try to sit still and focus on the breath for a couple more minutes. How do you feel now? Most will feel a sense of calm and relaxation. How do we find peace? By turning within. This is meditation in its simplest form.

We are offering a class that will cover all you may have ever wanted to know about meditation, how to do a simple meditation and where to go for more advanced ones. This is an activity you can practice anywhere and get amazing benefits. Learn how to achieve a state of zen.

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For a more in depth class:

We also run a free monthly full moon meditation and would love you to join us:

We hope this simple approach of meditation will help you on your journey to wellness and finding peace within and without.

Lots of Blessings
Doris Muna
Founder: Dorothea Essences

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