It is vital now that we understand business dynamics from the esoteric perspective. As we evolve as “businesspeople,” we begin developing our careers by observing office language and behaviors plus attempting to apply everything taught at business school.   We think it is critical to adapt our thinking and language to match what we observe. Yet, we don’t quite understand how that limits the creativity and vision we need to succeed in our jobs.

The more we adopt these behaviors, the more we are limited by what we think we need to be successful.  Sadly, we leave behind the magic, art, and spirit of success.  It looks like we need just to get focused, manage our to-do lists, stand out in meetings and within our teams.  We are leaving out the true essence of success- creativity, wisdom, and heart.

We have hidden limits. Often, it’s what we don’t know we don’t know that trips us up. That is one of the biggest obstacles to our success.  We are so focused on staying on track. Hanging on to all the promises that if you do XYZ, you will be rewarded, appreciated, and move up the ladder of success.   Sometimes it feels like you are pushing a rock uphill, and there is no wind at your back or no support pulling you forward.  You sense that something is missing, but you don’t know what it is.  It occurs like you spend your days hitting your head against the wall.

My mentor, Charlotte Anderson, always told me, when you truly understand energy, manifestation easily follows.  This led me to be aware of energy and how it showed up in all aspects of our lives.  Our thoughts, interactions, health, manifestation, business, relationships …etc.  She opened up a whole world of possibilities and how things happen and unfold.

Knowing ourselves, being clear on our intentions, on our desires and goals and not get drawn and follow what is trending or what is happening with others.  Our energies are unique and each one of us has a special journey to fulfill our calling and healing journey.

I think about that all the time. It has become a personal reminder that we must evolve with the new processes and technology to succeed while staying connected to our deep wisdom, nature, spiritual truths, intuition, and source energy. Exoteric knowledge is what drives and balances our world. To be successful, you need to learn how to operate in both worlds.

This unique workshop allows participants to break free from traditional approaches to Business Challenges. Thereby it assists in removing obstacles, which are not even recognized.  Using The Energy Technologies for Business Management, you can view Business also from the Energetic Perspective.

Be Empowered to find greater success as an Entrepreneur, Self- Employed Businessperson, Director of Operations, in Using Media, in Producing PR Strategies, as a Department Chief, Business Executive or Director.

Develop Special Sensitivities, and Increasing Intuition Puts YOU on the Cutting Edge

Join luminaries of history like Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui, Benjamin Franklin & others – who have used theosophical and Rosicrucian Technologies to guide their own lives.

In one day, learn to apply the power of Ancient Wisdom to Modern Life.

Combining this wisdom, together with other applications of Energy – extracted from various traditions -will impart knowledge that will give you the cutting edge in your profession.

  • Learn how to use Meditation to Produce Stellar Results
  • Increase the Volume of your Profit through applying Esoteric Laws
  • Find out how to plan your life to a more significant advantage & to “flow” in greater harmony with Energies of different qualities
  • Using “Time” more efficiently will allow you to have more leisure time
  • Learn how to rapidly Increate your Internal Power through removing Stress Energy and learning to Energize your Mind and Body
  • These Skillful Means will empower your life and remove Work Pressures 

Testimonials- Here is what one of the participants had to say.

I signed up for the Energetic Technology for Business Management class last year, somewhat skeptical of applying energy techniques to my work life but curious about the prospects. Throughout the workshop, my skepticism gave way as Doris presented practical business and planning strategies in a new and dynamic light. The skills I learned here are ones I use every day to balance college, my career, and my emotional wellbeing, as well as to get myself out of mid-day slumps without running for another espresso!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to grow professionally.

Andrej Lukovac

Energetic Technology for Business Management Workshop

Join us for a Transformational Day. Space is limited to keep the experience intimate and get everyone’s questions answered.

 Fees: $325 the Early bird price $250 until /by August 31

***Team discounts are available. Please get in touch with us for details by scheduling a call.   

Date: Friday, September 10, 2021

Time: 9am until 5pm.

Location: Online (Zoom) 

Register here


I wish you all the best on your healing journey!

 Lots of Blessings


Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences






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