Life is more complicated than ever these days.  It is so easy to get entranced by social media, the news, and politics. The social and environmental issues we are facing are immense. Then there is life, work, and family.  It is easy to lose ourselves and our connection to Spirit.

In California, we were in lockdown for 453 days.  Churches and Spiritual Centers were closed. The practice of gathering to go inward, to spend time in self-reflection, and connecting to Source seemed to fall away, replaced by the constant trauma, drama, fear, and anxiety from the pandemic.

Collectively we lost so many loved ones. Whether or not it was a family member or a friend, it was hard to escape the sadness, and I think we’ve all been in a kind of trance. It’s easier to numb our feelings than to open our hearts to the current reality and all that we have lost over the last year.

Now it’s time to heal, leave our trance state, come back to ourselves, and come back to Spirit.  By doing our healing work, we will contribute to the healing of our families, friends, communities, and ultimately the world.   According to the Course in Miracles- We can either choose to live in Fear or Love, and only love is real.

What does it mean to be in a state of Grace?

Grace is the expression of divine love.  When you are in a state of Grace, you are open to receive God’s gifts. Grace is also how we express love in the world, demonstrated by the imprint we leave on others.

When we take the opportunity to say Grace, we are expressing our gratitude. When we act with Grace, it becomes a moving meditation releasing the energetic vibrations of love.  And when we are in a State of Grace, we feel connected to our soul, to Spirit, to our purpose, and to humanity. In those moments, we are whole.

 How to Find Your Way Back to a State of Grace?

Does your mind‚ body, and soul feel unhealthy? Are you overly codependent or independent? Have money and possessions become the things in life your value the most? Does your ego rule your soul? You might be experiencing a spiritual disconnect and need support in finding your way back to a State of Grace.

 When we are on a healing journey‚ flowers and herbs can assist us in matters of the body‚ mind, and soul. Ancient cultures of the Egyptians‚ Greeks‚ Romans‚ Arabs‚ Mayans‚ Hindus, and Buddhists used flowers and herbs for healing because they understood their unique restorative properties.

For decades‚ I have traveled the world to experience flowers and all of their beauty. It has been a remarkable process that has taken me from the United States‚ Canada, and Peru‚ to Greece‚ Spain‚ Japan‚ Dubai, and Jerusalem‚ to name just a few sites. Along the way‚ I relied on my higher wisdom to discover the best vibrations for creating my newest essences.

It was in these remote‚ sacred areas of the world‚ where the Spirit is strong and vibrant ‚ that I felt my soul blossom—truly a gift from the Divine for which I am eternally grateful for. Now‚ you can experience these blossoms along your own life’s journey with a series of four essences made of energy and flowers I have brought back from these incredible areas of the world.

This month we are featuring the Grace Essence.

This combination of several essences in each bottle works together on your various chakras to achieve a powerful mind-body-soul effect. Use them as you are guided—together or one at a time—to feel uplifted‚ restore relationships‚ attract abundance and connect to your higher soul—these are my gifts to you, and there are others to come!

Grace Essence – Reconnect with your personal Spirit and discover your soul’s true purpose with Grace Essence. Get your life back into Flow!

Grace Essences are featured in our online Summer Online Sale. Just follow the link below!!!

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 Life can be overwhelming; Let this essence uplift your soul and provide hope and a mechanism to cope. It will support you in achieving the best possible state of wellbeing with a brighter outlook you need‚ and deserve.

Shift your energy, pamper yourself, and have a fantastic summer.


I wish you all the best on your healing journey!

 Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences



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