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How the Rain Can Wash Away Your Troubles

Have you looked out the window to find a spring shower has begun? For many the rain may bring strife as they think about driving on the wet streets, how traffic may be worse, or how your newly washed car was dirty again . There’s another way of looking at these spring showers.

  • Much needed water to quench the thirst of many plants allowing them to bloom into their full colors.
  • Washing away the dirt and grim built up over days of wear and tear on streets, sidewalks and driveways.
  • A much-needed bath for many birds and animals alike.
  • The opportunity to slow down and take time to enjoy the ride home.
  • The smell of freshness and nature

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Do You Want to Know A Life Secret?

Many people ask me how I stay so calm and at peace every day. It’s quite simple, I meditate every morning when I get up and before I go to bed. I’m sure you’ve heard this before over and over again. But it’s true. It really works. By taking the time to do simple meditation you allow your body to relax and your mind to let go.

Let me take you through the process:

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Have You Taken A Digital Break Lately?

  • Do you find it hard to put it down?
  • Do you find yourself saying, “just one more email, one more text, one more call?”
  • When you go to bed do you turn it off? • When you eat dinner with the family do you bring it with you and ignore the family?
  • While walking down the street do you look up or is it too hard to take your eyes from the small screen? •
  • Are you driving when you realize that you aren’t sure if you stop at the stop sign or not, because you were too busy texting?
  • Is this the new addiction?

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Integrity and What That Means to You

When you look up the word Integrity you will most likely get a definition like this:

Integrity is the qualification of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions.

But when asked if you have integrity can you truthfully say “Yes”? I’m most certain that the majority of people can answer this question with a yes, but there are times when we think long and hard that we may have to say “no”. This doesn’t mean we are a bad person, it simply means we need to reframe how we do business or treat people as well as ourselves. As long as we treat others as we wish to be treated, 9 times out of 10 it works well. But there are those you may come across who don’t feel they deserve to be treated well, so most likely they will do the same to others.

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When Someone Makes You Feel Small How Do You React?

Through life’s journeys we may come across times when we feel small in comparison to someone else. This could be literally a physical issue or simply one of words.

Haven’t you had times when a word or action brings out the small injured child in you? You feel small in comparison as they’ve used their words to hurt. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to combat this.

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