A new chapter!

As magic and synchronicity always find their rhythm, a new chapter in my journey has unfolded!

With retirement on the horizon, I contemplated a shift in my workload and a fresh approach to my endeavors. The realization dawned upon me that perhaps it was time to entrust the product side of the business into the loving hands of another passionate individual.

In my quest to find the right person, my search proved to be a challenge. Faced with this dilemma, one is left wondering—what’s the best course of action?

In such moments, turning to prayer and seeking guidance becomes a guiding light. Recognizing my inability to find a solution on my own, I prayed and asked for the appearance of the right person, relinquishing that desire to the universe. As you all know the how is not ours to decide. As the universe worked its magic, the pieces fell into place beautifully!

While I was familiar with Dr. Jill Muraoka, I was unaware of her affinity for flower essences. Possessing a green thumb and a profound love for nature, she emerged as the perfect match. In October, the transition was finalized, and Dr. Jill and Dr. Janis Shinkawa, became the proud owners of the Dorothea Essences line, including flower essences, aura sprays, salt scrubs, and related products.  It was a harmonious union, aligning with someone deeply attuned to energy and the gifts of the Earth. Witnessing this seamless transition to the right custodian filled me with immense joy. Continuation of the legacy of the flower essences.

The act of letting go was not without its hesitations; parting with something nurtured for two decades brought about a unique mix of emotions. However, as life unfolds, I am now ready to embrace this outcome with a sense of gratitude.

Keep an eye out for an email from Dr. Jill featuring a special promotion. I encourage you to extend the same fantastic support you graciously offered me over the years. Your steadfast encouragement sustained this venture—a homegrown, women-owned business. Thank you for standing by me and supporting Dr. Jill as she takes the reins.

Looking ahead to my journey, after a brief and rejuvenating vacation, I’ve decided to focus on the healing and mentoring one on one services and consulting aspects of the business. More classes, webinars, nature walks, and a deeper involvement in environmental education await. The kitchen will have more of my attention and I have a happy husband and family looking forward to that.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a New Year filled with health, prosperity, peace, loving kindness, and a commitment to non-injury towards all beings and the environment.

Lots of  Blessings,

Doris Muna: Founder Dorothea Healing

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