The concept of energy healing is quite ancient, it goes back to the days when we lived in caves and hunted in the wild to survive.  We were guided and protected with an understanding, and a “knowing”, or instinct, deep inside when danger lurked and when it was safe.  Throughout history, sages and medicine priests used energy healing and plant therapy to restore the health and wellbeing of their people.  The healing techniques were practiced by high ranking priests or shamans, the tribe experts of healing.  This knowledge stayed with us and is in our DNA from generation to generation, passed down as information for survival.  For centuries those techniques were shrouded with mystery and the knowledge passed only to certain few, verbally, not recorded, in order to protect its use and keep it in the hands of the chosen.

As the world is moving forward with knowledge and sharing, we find these techniques are still being taught by masters and healers.  We are at a great time in history in which these healing arts are being shared and are gaining popularity. Results are promising and people are curious about how this energy healing works

If you or someone you know is feeling tired, depressed, anxious, or just “off”, energy healing is a safe approach to getting back in function.  I have had great success with many clients and numerous ailments, including physical, emotional and spiritual in nature.  Energy healing can change your life.  I have also taught people how to heal themselves and others.  It is a great gift to be able to heal in this way.

Additionally, I have created flower essence products to aid in healing, to use between healing sessions, or simply as an energetic boost.  These essences capture the vibration of specific flowers, as found in nature, to clearly address what is needed.  My Home Health Therapy set includes blends for serenity, harmony, abundance, and grace, among other products.

I do get a lot of people asking me questions about how this energy healing works? Would it help them in a particular situation of their life? Can it help me to just feel better?  The answer is ‘Yes’!  Energy healing can help all of these situations, and more.

We are opening up the conversation about Energy healing and would like to invite you to join us.  Learn about interesting alternative options to wellness.  We welcome questions and are excited to share our deep knowledge in this field.

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Introduction to Energy Healing – January 2021


I look forward to seeing you and answering your questions!

Lots of Blessings,

Doris Muna

Founder of Dorothea Essences home healing therapy (HHT)

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