Valentine’s is here again and this year I would like to reflect on another aspect of love.

A group of friends and I were discussing the love aspect of Valentine’s. The conversation moved on to what to give our loved ones and then, we started to explore what we received from our loved ones. It is this receiving and giving aspect of “Love” that made the conversation move to what each one of us valued about the love aspect of a Valentine’s gift.

One explained that she does not need a reminder that is made up. Just because it’s now become a big industry to give someone you love something on Valentine’s, is it more meaningful than a rose given at another time? chocolate? hug? kiss? or something else? Do we need a reminder to tell a loved one we love them? or for them to affirm their love?

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Then the conversation moved onto self-love. What does that really mean?

Loving your self is loving the body you have, the person you are, your past and present and that your future will be loved, as well.

  • Love your self that only good can come to you, be a magnet for the good stuff.
  • Love your body that you only nourish it with good food and drink, like a sacred temple.
  • Love your energy that you only surround yourself with people who support and love you.
  • Love your work that you only do what is in alignment with your soul, and grow.
  • Love your life that you are always in the flow of things, not struggling.
  • Love who and what you are. Be proud of all that is you!

Love your self that whatever it is you do is a reflection of your true self, that you are proud of who you are and what you do. Be in alignment with your dreams and desires. Your wishes and aspirations are only an extension of your soul’s journey and want to take you there.

Let them.

Loving yourself is an internal aspect of Love. It has to do with you and only how you understand it and exercise it. At the end of your day look back at your daily routine, where did you really love yourself? what was it you did to nourish your body? your soul? what was it you did that gave you great satisfaction and made your heart sing?

It is all about the heart. Opening it, making it work for you. Only then can it be so full that the overflow spills to love others and all that is connected to you.

As the Beatles song says “ All you need is LOVE…”

To support the love aspect we like to invite you to try our Flower Essences that support the love.

Treat yourself to one! Let us know how it worked for you.

Rose: reminds the heart chakra about love:

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Beauty: see the beauty within you:

Wishing you a lot of love on this Valentine’s day and all year through!


Doris Muna

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