First of all what does it mean? A befitting description and its’ challenges:

Definition of resilience:
The capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress.
An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

I will have some tips at the end on how to develop resilience, but first let us examine what is involved:

1. Survival:
The fact you are reading this shows you are resilient because you have endured the winter months and perhaps, have had a cold and felt like you were struggling. By the way, this also happens in the animal kingdom. Many animals, large and small, perish in the harsh winter weather, for lack of shelter and food. Some do survive and make it to spring where the weather is mild, food a plenty and life is full of beautiful flowers. Butterflies come out of their cocoons. You, my dear, survived. That is what makes you resilient!

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2. Experience:
When you fall, you know what it is like to fall. When you get up, you know what it is like to get up. Staying on the floor is your choice. This may sound harsh and unkind, but it is the truth. Staying on the floor is not a bad thing for a short while. Don’t get too comfortable on the floor, though. Look around you and find a way to stand again. Be creative. You may need to take some time to figure this out, but at the end, you stand up. This ability to get up over and over again, is a sign that you are resilient. To add a small twist to this exercise is “how“ you get up and your attitude about it counts and defines the degree of resilience you have.

3. Courage:
Lions have this quality. Dashing with fierceness, not stopping or hesitating for a second, because they know they will win and defeat whatever is in their way. It is a surge of power from within you that creates this courage and determination to get out of your situation. You see the light at the end of the tunnel and you push that final push. You are out of the dark into the light. What propelled you forward is courage. We take time cultivating this courage, but somehow when we need it, we find it. This is a key to being resilient.

Some tips on how to practice the above:

Survival: Gather all the information you need; reasons, experiences, ideas and then, plan your survival. Be mindful of what you feed your body, keep toxins at bay, exercise, deep breathing and meditate. These will be your supplies to see you through the rough times.

Experience: Practice dropping to the floor and try and get up. Do this again and again. What have you learned? Those with kids you could make a fun activity out of it. This movement of dropping to the floor and then getting up is a good exercise to be aware that it is ok to fall and it is easy to get up. Once you get this movement in the flow you will be surprised how resilient that makes you.

Courage: Stand in front of a mirror and pretend you are a lion. ROAR as loud as you can. Feel your chest and lungs vibrate under that thunderous roar. Get that roar to come out loud, clear and with conviction. Take a deep breath. How did that make you feel?

Hope these tips support you on your journey to being more resilient. Our Flower Essence Oak Tree can support this journey as well, and you can find it on our online store:

To all those out there who are resilient, I salute you!
Wishing you lots of Blessings on your journey
Doris Muna

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