The Wesak Festival, generally known as the Festival of the Buddha, will be observed on May 18th. This spiritually significant event commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha and is celebrated through rituals, services and deeds. It highlights the fusion of two great streams of energy: one emanating from the Buddha and the other through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Celebrations that take place globally unite the world’s major religions in a shared holy day where a collective expansion of consciousness occurs.
Disciples of all schools including Buddhists, Hindus, Christ followers and secular individuals understand the Wesak period as a time to prepare their lives physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to accept the Abundance of Divine Grace.

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According to legend, Buddha makes an annual appearance in a secluded valley in the Himalayas at the exact time of the full Moon of Taurus. He appears for a brief period and performs a water ceremony before his great brother, the Christ, and an assembly of disciples. It is written that on this first Full Moon, the Buddha’s energies and connection to the planet and mankind are exceptionally strong. The aura of The Buddha and The Lord Jesus Christ is so intense that the Divine Grace and Mercy emanating regenerates and transforms the participants of the celebration.

The Wesak Festival is truly a group effort, a moment when the cleansing energy of meditation allows you to remove negative energies and focus on the positive to reach your full potential and achieve personal spiritual enlightenment. One avenue in which one can release negative energies and vibrations from within is to use a journal to document negative internal dialogue, insecurities, or life events that disturb your peace. Once completed, destroy the journal entries and release them into the universe relinquishing your hold on them.

I welcome you in joining me today in a shared experience of meditation and prayer. Thousands of participants from around the world will join their hands and hearts with the Life Audience in Pöttmes (Bavaria, Germany) – through an Annual Wesak Festival Audio Stream. The time of The Wesak Festival Celebration is: 18 May at 2:12 PM PST. May we collectively focus on allowing the beautiful healing energy from the Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ to uplift, nourish and be a source of tremendous insight and willingness to spread light, love and blessings to those around us.

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