The Alchemy of Youth 1 Day Seminar – February 2021

People are stressed out, tired and aging too fast.

Join us for a 1 day event & let us share 25 years of experience in what we know to be effective.

The fast-paced lives we live today are taking a toll on our bodies.

We have simple & effective techniques to boost your energy, manage stress build up & slow the aging process, so you can shine & like what you see in the mirror. 

The following subjects will be discussed during the workshops:
  • Lifestyle
  • Inflammation and aging
  • Herbs to support aging process some recipes
  • what we consume
  • Pressure points to support the process
  • Some exercises to destress and energize
  • Journaling
  • Self esteem
  • Happy Button
  • .. and more ! 

Materials & refreshments will be provided. 

There will be one hour lunch break.

The Alchemy of Youth 1 Day Seminar

Date: February 20 2021
Location: Camarillo, CA


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