Each year I look forward to summer with the enthusiasm of a child celebrating the end of the school year. The air is exploding with a sense of freedom, undiscovered adventures, and intoxicating fragrances from my flower garden.  I sleep each night dreaming about working with the flower essence’s energies and creating new healing protocols.

Summer requires a different type of self-care routine.  The hot sun and pool chemicals take a toll. With the effects of global warming and record-breaking temperatures, dehydration is the number one issue for our bodies this summer. Let’s start with our skincare. 

 Here are our Summer Skin Care Tips:


  • Keep your skin hydrated– Start and end each day with a large glass of room temperature water. Keep it up throughout the day. Make sure you have a minimum of 70oz of water each day.  If you are hiking, gardening, or doing anything physical outdoors, you may need even more. Be careful not to over-hydrate.  Use Pink Himalayan Salt in your food to keep your minerals balanced when you are exerting yourself on hot days.
  • Wear Sunscreen– The two main types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB, damage the skin, cause premature aging, and increase your risk of skin cancer. It seems you need to have a Ph.D. today to pick out a sunscreen that is chemical-free, safe for you, safe for the environment, and gets the job done. The bottom line is we need to protect our skin. So don’t skip the suntan lotion, even if it’s cloudy.
  • Exfoliate Regularly to Remove Stress and enjoy Smoother Skin- *(use our sacred salt scrub, part of our summer sale ) Stress accumulates and makes our bodies feel tired. We found that our salt scrub helps to release all that tension. Remove dry surface skin, revealing smooth glowing skin‚ while releasing negative energies of your aura. The essential oils of lavender and tea tree act as natural healing properties, and the pure oils of olive‚ grape seed and vitamin E leave the skin super soft and nourished. Feel calm and look glowing! 
  • Cut Down on the use of Makeup in the summertime. – In the summer, we perspire more. Makeup can either melt off our faces or clog our pores.  Choose a light tinted moisturizer that includes sunscreen. It will give you an overall glowing look, protect you from harmful UV rays, and create a cooling effect.  Always carry wet wipes that are perfume-free and skin-friendly with you to freshen up your look.

Our clients are looking for new ways to pamper themselves, relax, rejuvenate, and recharge. Not only is it time for an energy healing and energetic reset, but the physical body needs healing and pampering as well.

Why not create your own spa experience at home with our custom spa products?

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Aura Space CleanerClear your personal energy field of negativity and limiting beliefs‚ whether self-generated or put on you by others. Spray the elixir into the air around your body‚ living space‚ office, or car to experience relaxation‚ increased focus, and a general sense of wellbeing.

Serenity Essences. – feel uplifted. Release your mental Stress and strike a more balanced state of wellbeing with Serenity. This combination of essences addresses feelings of distress‚ exhaustion‚ anxiety, and depression you’re bound to feel from time to time.

Life can be overwhelming; throw a curveball into the mix. Let this essence uplift your soul and provide hope and a mechanism to cope. It will support you in achieving the best possible state of wellbeing with a brighter outlook you need‚ and deserve.

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I wish you all the best on your healing journey!


Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences

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