Spring cleaning for the soul and body – March is the perfect month for purification

The month of march is the perfect time for purification. You can do some spring cleaning for the soul and body. Time to emerge from the winter season of comfort foods and root vegetables, to the newly sprouting fruits and vegetables and sweeter foods.

The body functions well with a regular purification regimen.

Purification of the soul and body are interconnected. Going on a fast helps the body get rid of toxins and become healthy. This will affect the mind and thoughts. The sleep and dream state is a reflection of what we eat and think. Negative thoughts are aggravated with food and drink toxins. As the organs for the body get overwhelmed with the process of digestion and elimination and carrying nutrients through the blood to the organs, this will affect the condition of our organs and how they affect our emotional body.

The Chinese meridian system and the Chakra system indicate how emotions are carried through our organs and energy body. For example, the liver meridian if over congested reflects anger and frustration. Hence a detox of the liver and making healthy choices in your consumptions will help the liver function better physically and emotionally. Items that affect the liver to become overly congested are over eating meat, pork and alcohol.

Experiment and try it for yourself; Go on a healthy diet, maybe detox a few days and keep a journal of how you feel each day and track that emotional change. Going vegan helps a lot to achieve a healthier body. Yoga is a great exercise choice that helps the body rid of toxins.

 Yoga is meant for the purification of body and its exploration as well as for the refinement of the mind.  ~ B.K.S. Iyengar ~

At some point in our lives, we start to address our spiritual journey. Purification of word, thought and deed is the advice of many sages and spiritual teachers. This is another level of clearing our thoughts and energy field of negativity. This is a hard level of awareness for many. as we embark on this path, lots of resistances, old patterns of thought and feelings out of your comfort zone start to derail us. It is sometimes easier to fall back into these negative thinking patterns that perhaps we grew up with and are familiar to us.

Stepping into a new way of thinking leads to different behaviors that we may not be ready to embrace. Unlearning old patterns and adopting new ones is a continuous process. I would say a lifetime process of changing to better ways of thinking and adapting to more pure thoughts words and deeds.

The spiritual journey is one of continuous learning and purification.

when you know this, you become humble:  ~ Sogyal Rinpoche ~

As our spiritual journey continues the light that shines in all of us radiates even more. We just need to purify the vehicle that is the body. By doing that our light will shine more and we can then help ourselves and others on this journey we call life.

As we are going through this time of spring, we have the spring equinox that propelled us to this new beginning, Nowruz, lent leading up to Easter, Passover, Ramadan and Wesak are all religious observations that happen in spring. These are ancient practices both religious and cultural. All lead to the same philosophy of purification and connection to the divine and earth.

Purification is but the cleaning of the lamp-glass which hides the Light.

~ Annie Besant ~

A spiritual journey is a process of learning and unlearning. It is an individual choice of what we are ready for and how we move through the changes.  Sometimes it is challenging, and sometimes it is easy.  It is the journey of life.

Sending you lots of blessings and flowers of support.

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Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Healing & Essences

Author: The Triangle of Health


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