Regardless of whom you ask, the word “mother” will evoke an emotion.

with tear-filled eyes, you can get,” I love and appreciate my mom so much… she gave her all to bring out the best in me…”


with tear-filled eyes, you can get, “She is totally evil, abusive and ruined my life, I have cut her out of my life forever…”

Both are valid examples, both are situations I’ve heard in my practice of over 25 years as we inevitably get to discuss the person known as mother. I saw tears of love, joy, and appreciation and have also seen feelings of anger and frustration to the point of unable to forgive.

So where do we go from here?

Another nurturer we know is Mother Nature.

What feeling is evoked when you think of Mother Earth?  Can it mean this planet that holds us together, sustains us, one in which we can dwell upon throughout our entire life? And when it is time for us to pass, we are buried within her.

The definition of nurturing is stated as:

“care for and encourage the growth or development of (a person), help or encourage the development of (a person), cherish (a hope, belief, or ambition).”

 This definition characterizes traits that we may believe an ideal mother would display in her role when she brings forth a child.  What if a mother had not experienced this nurturing from her mother? Does she know how to nurture when it is her time to have a child?

This is a discussion in which we can find varying examples both for nurturing mothers and those who were not.  This blog is not going to solve the situation. Merely we want to bring awareness to this subject that is crucial for our continuity as humans and to cultivate a new generation of caring well-balanced children. The role of motherhood is underestimated and actually, many parents don’t receive proper training or coaching to help them make it through the trials and tribulations of motherhood or having a family.

Many family dynamics are created out of necessity only once a child is on the way. The act of nurturing needs to actually begin before that embryo is formed.

The nurturing of self must be addressed. A lack of self-nurturing acts continues to affect the adult population resulting in depression, addictions, changing partners, etc. to feel better about the self.

My observation has been that self-acceptance and nurturing go hand in hand. Which comes first? Just like the chicken and the egg, which came first?

I ask you to reflect on your life and particularly your childhood.  Where did you lack nurturing? How has that led to your self-acceptance and of honoring yourself as you are?

Here is my suggestion for this Mother’s Day observance.  Celebrate you!  The Goddess that is there, buried beneath it all.   Dust off the negative memories, put on your crown, and shine. You are an integral part of Mother Earth and the continuity of humankind. You are bigger than the past, you are the creator of the future.


Wishing all the moms out there a happy mother’s day. May you all be blessed with infinite healing as we celebrate you.


Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences

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Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash 

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