Mother, may I just say Thank You! Ways to cherish your mother not only on Mother’s Day, but every day.

Happy Mother’s Day!
As children, we know that SHE will always be there to nurture us and help us with our wounds, both physically and emotionally. We know that she will always be by our side helping us with our homework or making our day much brighter with a smile and a cookie. Some of you may not have had the best relationship with your mother, however you will always have a bond with her, regardless of the past. As in the wild, our young rely on this bond for protection, safety, humility, emotional stability, survival and love. Let’s all celebrate this bond with love and compassion.
On May 8th, many of us plan to celebrate the most important woman in our lives, our mother. While others may simply take time to remember their mother, it’s still important to recognize how special this bond is.

Have you noticed that you’re starting to look or sound like your Mom! This can also be a time, when you start to feel triggered. Some mothers might have had a lot of expectations from their kids and that can cause some buildup of anxiety from the children who feel that it is hard to make their mother proud of them or accept their life plan. I always recommend to communicate with your mom. Let her know what works for you. Practice some forgiveness. Start a new chapter with the relationship. Most of us enjoy or can learn to enjoy our mother’s company. You are in each other’s lives for a reason. Find that special bond between you and your mother and nurture it. Find the common thread and hold onto that, no matter how thin and frail it may be.
Remember what your mother has done for you and how much it took to raise you! True, many have the support of partners or family and friends, but the brunt of the duties and responsibilities fall on the Mom’s shoulders. The duties like feedings, diaper changes, rocking a newborn to sleep, as well as the many giggles and laughs….all things to be thankful for.
Please cherish your mother and the blessing of motherhood.
Here are some ideas:

Be sure to talk to you mother regularly.
Write a letter of gratitude.
Say thank you often.
Watch for moments to praise their thoughtfulness.
Squeeze them tight and tell them exactly how you feel.
Never take your mother or your own children for granted.
Practice being grateful for your family each day by stating to yourself and them I am grateful to…. because….

I believe when a mom is crowned, a host of angels descend from heaven to help her. Surely, it cannot be all just be her effort. Moms have a halo that is always lit and vibrant, because they have been entrusted with bringing up their babies, the special souls from heaven.
Motherhood teaches you many things including to be selfless and giving. It teaches humility, perseverance, and the focus on getting through the day; The love factor is a major shift, it really puts things into perspective. Mom’s protectiveness is important and vital for that little bundle of joy. Mothers develop strengths that they never thought they had. These and more are magical qualities that descend from Heaven.
Let us celebrate Mother’s Day with lots of wonderful memories of the good times we remember of our Mom. Celebrate your Mom and the Mom inside of you, the nurturer and protector. Honor yourself and your Mom on this special day. We invite you to “treat yourself” to a special gift. We created a combo gift with Mother’s Day in mind. From all the Mom clients who appreciate this product, we extend a special offer for this day. We hope you and your Mom get to enjoy it.
Wishing all the Moms out there a wonderful celebration.
Lots of Blessings
Doris Muna

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