In our first blog about Pet Energy Healing, we discussed the Chakra System and some simple steps on how to balance your pet’s energy. Now let’s go a little deeper with our understanding of the energy field and how energy healing can positively affect many of your pet’s conditions.

Your pets are not just their physical bodies. They have emotional and psychological lives influenced by the energies they encounter in the world, just like we humans are.

When our pets encounter stressful situations, negative energies can accumulate, causing physical symptoms and emotional distress.  A dear friend shared with me her experience “….  my dear thirteen-year-old Bichon passed away, our other dog Rosie was so depressed that she hid under the furniture. She also roamed the neighborhood looking for her companion. Rosie displayed all the symptoms of mourning.  She lost her appetite and suffered hot spots.   It took as much time to heal her heart as it did her physical symptoms ….” That is a story that really makes me realize how sensitive our pets are.  They are full of “LOVE

We are all made of energy and interact with each other on an energetic basis. All living and non-living substances vibrate with electromagnetic energy– just like light, sound, or microwaves.  Have you ever seen a flock of birds change direction on a dime? Their flow appears seamless due to their energetic connection or entrainment. When energy fields resonate, we can act as one. Can you think of a time when that happened to you?

The Vibrational Energy of Core Emotions

Sir David R.  Hawkins, MD., Ph.D. wrote “Power Vs. Force- The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior.”  In his breakthrough book, a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher, and lecturer categorize the vibrational energy levels of objects, organizations, and our core emotions such as anger, depression, fear, anxiety, and compassion, joy, and love.   Anger and depression vibrate at a very low frequency, while love and compassion are at a higher vibrational level.

Humans and animals alike respond to this vibrational energy. When you encounter someone that is emitting the vibrations of compassion and love, your energy is uplifted. Your energy begins to resonate with another’s.  You are in resonance with each other, drawn to each other.  The opposite is true as well.

When you come across someone emitting vibrations of anger, fear, or depression, you probably will pick up on their concerns and may have the thought to leave the room or cross the street when you pass them on a walk. It’s like skipping a rock in a pond. The vibration the rock creates impacts everything around it.

Your pets are responding to you, the world, other animals precisely the same way. Your concerns become their concerns. Your joy and good mood elevate their energy.

That’s why energy healing is so effective.  Positive, healing energy supports the natural healing process for animals undergoing surgery or cancer treatment or regaining health after an illness. Positive energy healing is excellent support for animals who are being rehomed or have been abused.


There are a few energy healing modalities, but all operate on the same premise of working with the animal’s energetic vibration.  Whether you are working with a Practitioner of Healing Touch, Reiki, Pranic Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, or Chakra Balancing, each discipline raises and balances the patient’s energy field.

Floral Essence Therapy is an easy and effective form of energy healing.  It is a simple way to treat your pet at home. Floral Essences formulations raise the vibrational energy of your pets and support the physical and emotional healing needed.

They are very effective in calming your pet, harmonizing their behavior, and supporting the healing of physical conditions. Formulated for your pets’ specific needs and easy to use. Try our Floral Essences to relieve anxiety, emotional and physical issues.

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These restorative elixirs work on beings as small as five pounds‚ as large as horses‚ and everything in between. Enhance the life of your furry friend by restoring their natural balance.

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Can be added to food or placed on their belly or in the mouth. 

Of course, we have corresponding healing Flower Essences for our Human Friends as well.

I look forward to supporting you and your beloved pets on their healing journey

Lots of Blessings!

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences

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