I want to share some thoughts for you to think about in this love journey. We hear sages, and spiritual leaders urge us to “Love ourselves”.  This is a concept I get asked about often in my workshops.  The most common question is “What does it exactly mean to Love ourselves?”.

Think about it, what would you do if you were in love with someone?  How would you treat them?  Would you care about them?  Would you nourish them?  Would you care for them if they were tired? hungry? Sad?  If they need some down time?  I can bet the person you are caring for is very happy and will return the love tenfold as they feel so well taken care of.  This creates a nurturing and very caring relationship. Do you agree?  Have you experienced this with a special person?  What were the results?

Now think of all those caring approaches you exercised above and consider what would happen if you applied them to yourself, your own being? How would the result feel? Would your day feel better? Can you use some of that nurturing and care?

Well here are some tips I would like to share from clients who applied them and were very happy with how their energy field resonated with the results: Think of yourself as a person of priority, a VIP, and how would you treat yourself?

  • Block time for your meals and snacks. Treat it as a priority. Only ingest healthy food and drink. It’s your body, and the more you care for it the more it will serve you.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. Map out a minimum of 10 minutes in your daily schedule.  Turn up your favorite music and Dance!
  • Sit quietly alone  for 5 minutes with eyes closed, shut off the world and get in touch with your breathing.  Meditate.
  • Take time off for yourself in nature on a regular basis. Appreciate all that is around you.
  • Gratitude journal. As you write one thing you are grateful for every day more will come to mind. fill your heart with gratitude, appreciation and wonder.

These suggestions are not new to some of you.  I would like you to try to incorporate a schedule that fits them all in.  This is what love yourself will translate into.  Finding the time for “You”.

We have an amazing Valentines’ deal to enhance that love; treat yourself!



Wishing you all the love and care you deserve.  Happy Valentine’s day!


Lots of Blessings,

Doris Muna

Founder Dorothea Essences



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