Class 1: Destress and Relax – February 27

The ability to relax is a skill that can be learned by all, even in this unsettling time. How we react to situations is one of the first things I ask people to look at. Is the outlook positive or negative? Either way, the reaction will follow accordingly.

When we worry, have sleepless nights, eat an unhealthy diet, or other poor habits, we may encounter high blood pressure, digestion problems, and other health issues. Being ungrounded will also add to stress levels. Learning how to relax is so important to your health, which shows in your appearance. In this first class, I will guide you through a process to make you glow.

Class 2: Meditation and Finding Peace – March 13

How do we find peace? By turning within. Meditation is used by the most effective leaders and creatives. It is also being introduced into hospitals because studies show that people recover much faster after they meditate.

The simple approach we will be learning in this class is vital to calmness and connecting to your purpose and joy. The most wonderful thing about meditation is that you can practice it anywhere anytime. It is simple and effective. We will cover all you need to know about meditation, how to do a simple meditation and where to go for more advanced practices.

Class 3: Flowers and Nature – March 27

Flowers and plants are where we find Mother Nature at her best! She has gifted us with flowers, herbs, and all the amazing healing properties that come along with them. We will share some family recipes that are so simple, yet effective.

Join us as we learn how to use these amazing powers to amplify our own spirit and inner glow. There is an infinite abundance of natural remedies and elixirs to bring Mother Nature right into your daily practice.

Class 4: Food Approach – April 10

Healthy homemade chickpea and veggies salad, diet, vegetarian, vegan food, vitamin snackWe will be sharing information about food and give recommendations based on the successful results of our clients. Many not only managed a healthy weight, but also found the treasure of eating for wellness and energy. We will share recipes, suggestions and also touch on exercise.

Our four-part series is designed to help you on the path to wellness and give you an inner and outer glow which will surely reflect how you feel.


Save, and also receive a Flower Essence gift when you register for the entire series!

We look forward to seeing you at some or all classes!

Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna
Founder Dorothea Essences.


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