Prana is the Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible life force energy keeps the body alive and maintains all of our systems.  Humans, plants, and animals all depend on this Energy to function correctly. Prana is physical, mental, and Spiritual Energy.

You may have heard it referred to as Qi, or Chi from the Chinese or KI from the Japanese or simply life-force energy.  Most believe they are all referring to the same energy source.

Close your eyes and rub your hands together for a moment, then as you separate your hands and bring them back together, feel that Prana, life force energy play between your hands. If you start to pay attention, you will notice that you can tune into your own Pranic Energy.

Learning to be a Pranic Energy Healer will enable you to identify energy blockages and remove them.   You will practice accessing and understanding various “Layers” of the Energy Bodies and other nuances of subtle Energy. Heal the mind, body, and spirit while increasing your vitality.


 More  About Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient method of balancing the physical body, the personality or mental body, Life, and environment. The Pranic Energy Healing Method uses knowledge about the existence of the subtle Energy Bodies – which surround and infuse the physical body with vital Life Force.

This “Life Force” is contained within every aspect of Life and directed from one person to another person, to an object, to plants, to one’s business, or to anyone or anything that requires Energetic Support, Harmonizing, or Strengthening.

Pranic Energy Healing Level I teaches one how to achieve Balance of various factors with Energy alone – without ever Physically Touching another Person.

Why is this workshop essential for you? What can you learn in two days?

  • Train you on the Fundamental Techniques of Pranic Energy Healing
  • Provide you with a lifelong tools to increase Well-Being daily
  • Activate your Personal Techniques for Energy Restoration
  • Allow you to change your own Life through understanding Energy
  • Teach you simple knowledge about the Energy Body – which offers the possibility to adopt a holistic understanding of the broad scope of the world of Energy.

Pranic Energy Healing #1 is a  two-day workshop. The information is easy to access, and the class is interactive. The workshop is open to anyone interested in Energy Healing. 

The class intention is to use the Learned Skills immediately in all areas of your life that need healing!!!


 Date: Friday, September 17th & Saturday, September 18th

Time: 9 am until 5 pm both days (lunch break provided)

Location: In-person attendance (no Zoom) Camarillo, CA

Fees: $350- Early bird price of $275 available until August 31st

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Pranic Energy Healing Level I | September 17th – 18th 2021

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I look forward to meeting you in person and supporting you on your healing journey!

Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences

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