Bella wins my Valentine this year 😉

As we are nearing the love season of the year, and all the love birds are rushing to buy chocolates, flowers, or jewelry, it made me think of who is YOUR love bug?

  • Who do you really shower with hugs and cuddles daily?
  • Who is a man/woman’s best friend?
  • Who do you buy treats for before buying yourself anything?

Don’t forget to love yourself first!

Truly, self-love should be our number one priority. So much needed on that front. We tend to forget to love and nurture ourselves.

But what about our furry friends?

Waiting for us at the end of the day with no judgement, or opinion, or needs.

Only a little treat, dinner and then let’s settle on the sofa and let me hear all about your day sort of thing.

How divine! Truly a treat from the animal kingdom. Our pets show us so much loyalty, affection. You are the number one. Sweet indeed.

I always love to think about my furry love. My Bella is no longer with us. We parted a few years ago as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. I know she is waiting for me and one day we will be re united.

Bella was found on the 101 highway in Los Angeles and taken to a shelter by a lovely person who rescued her from the crazy ongoing traffic. She checked on her daily, advertised to try and find the owners but to no avail. After two weeks she found out that Bella was going to be put down and she was determined to find her a home.

At the same time, I had offered to foster a pet at a nearby shelter and the connection was made and Bella arrived at our home.  Scared, injured, thin and non-communicative.  She buried her face in her front paws, and wanted to be left alone. In my practice, I work with pets and I recognized her energy of giving up and not wanting to live.  This dog has been through a lot.

Both my husband and I proceeded slowly to gain her trust.  No budging. We left some water and a piece of roasted chicken in front of her. She stared at them but made no attempt to eat or drink.  By nighttime and our bed time we left her outside in the yard, covered her with a blanket and went to sleep.

I was up before the crack of dawn to check on Bella. She ate the chicken, and the water seemed less and she was standing there, staring at me. Yaaayy that was a great sign. I got closer to her and petted her gently, and she allowed it. I went inside to get my coffee and she followed me! I was ecstatic. More treats followed, the leash and we went for a short walk.  Her hip was sore so it was a 10 minute walk, just enough for a pee and pooh. Her internal system was working.

I proceeded to do pet healing on her and gave her the Pet Balance flower essence that I make.

Things started to unfold very quickly and smoothly.  By the end of the day, I called the shelter and asked to adopt Bella.  She was an older dog and needed a lot of care and regular healing sessions. She landed at the right house so to speak.

We had over 10 years together and she was my loyal pet, followed me like a shadow.  I would talk to her and tell her my thoughts and even when I wrote my book, I would read excerpts for her, if she liked what I read she would wag her tail, I took that as a sign of approval.

I would like to dedicate this Valentine love to my pet Bella. She truly captured my heart and the hearts of my family and friends.

Do join me in giving your pet a special treat this Valentine and let them know how much you love them. They hear you.

Enjoy this day of love.

Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna



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