If you haven’t done a lot of traveling with young children, you’ll need to consider logistics of travel, your budget and your family’s interests. I’ve discovered over the years, that there are a few preparations one can make to ensure a more enjoyable vacation. As adults, many of us have hectic lifestyles but the point of a vacation is to take a break from the hustle of daily life. Children intuitively do this, so as adults it’s key to remember to slow down. Whether you are at the airport or at your destination, kids love to explore and aren’t concerned with time pressures of travel. Take time for those extra snack and potty breaks, give extra time to explore new environments and realize that a change in routine might be more tiring than usual.

2. Do not rush kids; Kids can be patient to a point.
Spontaneity might work in some situations but nothing is worse than not having done your homework or bookings beforehand. The last thing you want is to spend time searching for accommodations when you arrive or face unexpected outcomes because of lack of planning. Who wants an exhausted child when you are trying to figure out where you’re going to sleep!
Many of us love to take photos on vacation but have you considered handing a camera over to your “pint sized” child? Young children see things from a different perspective that you might never have imagined photographing. This could be a wonderful autumn project of putting the photos together in an album. You might be surprised at the images they capture and the unique moments they want to remember. Speaking of keeping kids involved, let’s talk about their backpacks. Kids get excited and want to help but I recall on more than one occasion forgetting to “reorganize” my child’s small suitcase she had packed with a number of heavy unnecessary items. She wasn’t happy about pulling it in the airport and neither was I! Last of all; don’t forget to dress the part. Children who are dressed appropriately for weather and terrain adapt better to a new environment. Do some research and know what the weather forecast is.

3. Minimize the to-do list.
Ok, this is all good advice for parents with young children but what if you have children with a range of ages or teenagers that can sometimes be notoriously difficult on vacation. Get them involved in planning but don’t stop there. Nobody wants to go on a vacation where only the parents decide activities so when you arrive, ask them what they want to do. You might be surprised they don’t want to spend all their time on their iPhones.
Now that some logistical considerations are taken care of, there are many options for travel. Maybe you want to fly somewhere, take the train or take a road trip. Clearly, we all have different budgets, time options and interests. Is your family inclined to try an all-inclusive option, are they history buffs or interested in cultural aspects or are they more interested in nature and adventure? Whether you do travel near or far, the mere act of exploring a new place with kids is an adventure in itself and a little preparation and flexibility can mean the difference between a pleasantly memorable or burdensome experience.

Remember doing things together is part of the fun.
Let your kids discover a vacation Mom or Dad. Simple games, singing, running, jumping all require no prep or props. Ask them how they feel. Tell them you love them. These are precious times for the whole family. The vacations they look back on with fondness for many years to come.

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We hope whatever you decide to plan or where you go for your family vacation that it is awesome and the experience wonderful for all.

Have a great summer ahead!
Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna
Founder Dorothea Essences

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