With summer finally here, it’s the perfect time to embrace the warmth, sunshine and all the positive vibes that come with this season. Summer is all about easy. The body slows down after the spring spurt of growth, flowers bloom, the weather is warm and it is easy to be outdoors. No bundling up with jackets, boots , scarves and hats! Clothing is more free and liberating. It’s such a pleasure being outdoors. All you need is your sunblock and hat and off you go! Summer’s healing energy can be harnessed by incorporating various practices and activities into your routine.

We want to share some ideas that we tried and our clients love them: Let us explore some ways to reap the benefit of this time of year.

Connect with nature:  Step outside and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Summer activities seem to focus on nature and water.  Nature walks are a wonderful way to connect with your surroundings. Biking and discovering the neighborhood nature trails are great ways to unwind, relax and be active. Even if you have to drive a few miles, there is always a beautiful park to enjoy.

Summer and water seem to go hand in hand. A walk on the beach is so therapeutic. Let the sand act as a reflexology treat. Letting the water wash your feet whether it’s the sea, lake or stream, it feels good.  This is a great grounding exercise where your focus goes down to your feet and helps you anchor yourself to the ground.

Simple walking is ideal to move the circulation and get your legs moving. Brisk walking is a simple cardio exercise and sprinting, running intermittently will be a great workout.  Even 30 minutes a day will energize you and put you in a wonderful mood. For the water lovers there is nothing more pleasurable than dipping in the ocean and getting that nature salt bath to cleanse your aura from negative energies. Another benefit is inhaling the sea/ocean air full of iodine and a great source for the thyroid.

Exercise your lungs with conscious breathing or yogic breaths, expanding your lungs to take in more oxygen and help you to de-stress.  As your lungs expand to capacity they act as a massage to the diaphragm which holds all the tension of the day.  Sometimes just simple breathing takes some stress off your energy field and helps you benefit more of your exercise routine and reach your full potential in your daily fitness program.

As summer days are longer grab an extra outdoor hour. Hit the trail after work before settling into dinner and night routine. If you live near the water, give that a try.

Let Nature rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

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Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Healing & Essences

Author: The Triangle of Health.


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