” Balance is not something you find,
it’s something you create”.
~Jana Kingsford

Creating a balanced life is not easy. It is a choice you have to make, as it is only created by yourself and for yourself. How do you go about creating a life of balance? Do you set specific goals and how do you keep up feeling balanced?

In this spirit, I have gathered some tips, product suggestions and thoughts on finding balance in your life below.

Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted or overwhelmed? Most people are busy with family, work, hobbies, or community responsibilities. Sometimes people allow their schedules to take control of their lives, and priorities might get disorganized. As a result, people may feel stressed, frustrated, and tired.

Reaching a balance is a learning process. At times, you may tip the balance too much in one direction and have to find your footing again.

Creating a balanced life is not easy. It is a choice you have to make, as it is only created by yourself and for yourself. A life of balance means many things to each of us. What works for me is not necessarily something that works for you. But the question remains, how do you go about creating a life of balance?

When your life is feeling a little imbalanced, it may feel as though you have neglected your needs, values or priorities. Although it may be easy to feel regretful and burned out at that moment, you can still work toward achieving a sense of equilibrium.

Here are some soul-searching points for you to consider:

  • What has worked for you in the past?
  • What has not worked for you in the past?
  • How have you changed?
  • Know what you want

What does a balanced life entail?  Here are some categories you can start with and add as you need them:

  • Time for your self-care
  • Time for family and loved ones
  • Time for work
  • Time for hobbies
  • Time for travel and fun with friends

Some are daily things you need to do and some are occasional. You decide what you miss and what works for you. Sometimes work gets all our attention and we get glued to our phone with texting.

The following practices will help bring balance back in your life:

Be accurate in assessing time. People have a limit to resources like time, money and energy. It is completely understandable to want to accomplish so many things; however, it is important to consider how much time is in a day. It’s okay to not get everything done. You are doing your best.

Be open to change your approach. What worked 10 years ago may not work now or be what you want.  We all change hopefully we evolve and change, and so does the balance of our lives. We have to add, remove, and modify our life needs and boundaries. Constantly.  Revisit this approach at least twice a year and reassess if your life is truly in balance.

Find a support system. Find the people in your life who build you up and support you, who add value to your life and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Try to avoid people who add or create more stress for you. Remember that stress will affect you physically, so, within reason, consider phasing out those who might be causing your stress or imbalance.

Take control and say no. Boundaries, and more boundaries and yet more boundaries! It works. This will validate your needs, wants, what works, and believe it or not fill yield a life of balance for you at this moment in time. A lot of my clients share that they used to have a life of balance, but now it’s different. Often people say yes to others because there might be an unreasonable pressure to immediately please people. It is important to consider your current list of responsibilities. Take time to think about what you can realistically complete. Try to alleviate adding extra stress by learning how to say no.

Make a schedule for rest. Resting doesn’t always have to equate to sleeping, but scheduling time to relax can be beneficial to your health. Intentionally do things that give you comfort, peace, health, and happiness. Make a deliberate effort to prioritize your needs.

Focus on today. There will always be something that we will need to do, haven’t gotten to or something we have always wanted to do. Try to avoid obsessing about the future and focus on what is happening today. Creating a healthy, balanced life requires you to be present in your family, friends, hobbies and work.

Limit time on your phone. One simple suggestion: stop the phone use of texting and social media for 12 hours a day: 7pm until 7am if this works for you.

Remember there is more to life than the daily stressors that create imbalance and unhappiness. Start taking steps toward a more balanced life by learning how to take control, set boundaries, and focus on today.

Enjoy this practice!

Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences & Healing


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