How Spiritual Healing can help to ease anxiety and depression

Being sad is not easy. Being diagnosed as depressed is even worse.

The World Health Organization reports that 264 million people on the planet are depressed; depression is the third most costly disability worldwide. Each year, 17 million American adults are depressed. Depression is a common mental condition. It is not clear what causes depression, whether it is physical related as in food and drink intakes or unhealthy lifestyle that may alter one’s mood and cause loss of interest in life, such as family relationships, work, hobbies …etc.

Currently supported treatment for depression is antidepressant medication and different psychotherapeutic interventions. Many patients experience, however, adverse effects of antidepressant medication. Some symptoms can be feelings of hopelessness, not able to regulate emotions and feelings which could lead to major relationship discord whether personal or at work.

In some cases counseling is needed for understanding the root cause or how to best cope. I always encourage clients to check with their doctor to rule out any serious illnesses or conditions example a tumor on the brain that may be contributing to depression or the worsening of its symptoms.

As an energy healer, my approach is understanding the energy discord and how it affects our energy centers like our meridians and chakras and how it can disrupt the energy flow for a peaceful and harmonious way of life. We explore any changes in a person’s life or major illnesses that one has not fully recovered from or may have created an energy drain that is affecting a person’s way of living or feeling good.

Another approach is the spiritual understanding a client’s guidance and whether they are on the path to their soul’s calling or mission. This always is a factor that needs to be addressed.

Becoming sick not only messes with our body it seems to damper our mind and spirit as well. When we are down for the count for several days, it tends to cause depression in many as we fight to regain composure of our weakened state. Even though we want to get over being sick quickly our bodies refuse to comply, and with most cases, when we try to quicken the rate of recovery we tend to lapse causing even more downtime than imagined.

Personally, I believe you need to give yourself time to heal in order to make a full recovery.

By allowing yourself the downtime to rest you help the recovery process to take place that much more quickly. You allow your mind, body, and sprit an opportunity to rejuvenate itself. In today’s fast paced environment of having to perform at top speed we truly don’t give our bodies and minds a chance to regroup and truly rest, as it should be. When you work so hard to keep going without the rest you need you wear down the barrier that helps your body to fight off disease and sickness.

Keeping the immune system strong and healthy will give you a better chance of not catching the flu in the first place or if you do get the flu you recover faster.

I invite you to explore an alternative way of healing and treating your Depression symptoms with energy healing. Access to your spiritual guidance will balance your energies.

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Doris Muna

Founder Dorothea Healing



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