The key to harmony in our relationships is directly connected to our relationship with ourselves. Our feelings and internal energy reflect how we manage connections and interactions with others.

Even before we are born we are involved in a relationship with our mother – our carrier into this world and all her life experiences. We are exposed to these relationship patterns energetically and become aware of them. These patterns of early childhood are what shape our relationships with others and ourselves.

Many times we find it is easy to have positive relationships with some people but not others. The triggers we have that lead to discord are deep within us and may find their roots in our childhood. On the days we are under stress or overwhelmed with work, we are more sensitive to triggers that bring up emotional discords which reflect in our relationships.

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Overwhelmed by relationship issues?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by petty quarrels and other relationship problems‚ you’re not alone. Perhaps you’re falling out of love (or worse yet‚ starting to feel distain or hatred). Or maybe someone has deceived‚ hurt‚ ignored or taken advantage of you or is just too negative or controlling. It’s wise to address these relationship woes before they spiral out of control.

Our relationships encompass a wide range of people. It might be a relationship between a parent and child‚ a child and parent or parents‚ family members‚ exes‚ coworkers‚ siblings‚ friends or neighbors. These relationships and our perception of them often change and evolve as we do.

As conflicts happen, take a minute to check in with yourself and ask yourself how you feel at that moment. What memory is coming to the surface for you? Which relationship is it? Do you recognize a pattern? Is what’s happening now a repeat of that pattern?


There is no direct or easy answer to discord. Relationships are complex and change. Sometimes conflicts fizzle away, and we find ourselves moving forward in that relationship to a higher level. Holidays often trigger feelings we’ve had in the past and can also illuminate our first relationships with our parents. Sometimes we are on guard and have preset notions of how our parents, siblings and family would react if we shared our personal news such as a new job or shift in our lives. There are all types of judgements and feelings of being measured and assessed.

Different perspective

Always take a deep breath and look at the situation from different perspectives. Be aware of your feelings, acknowledge and accept them. Before you react and fall into the old patterns of behavior, choose to put your mind in a more positive space where you are at peace and free from judgement. This will help you see things from an alternate point of view.


To assist you during this process, we have created a flower essence combo that helps you to address feelings of disconnect with loved ones or other difficult relationships. Let this essence help you take a break from the anger and discord and move you to a place of neutrality‚ acceptance and reconciliation.

Wishing you harmony and lots of love in your relationships.

Doris Muna
Creator of the Dorothea Home Healing Therapy

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