It’s that time of year, Spring is here and so is Mother’s Day.
With no formal training for motherhood, it kind of grows on you with a lot of trial and error. This does lead to mistakes, regrets and years later, reflection on how this or that could have been avoided or remedied.

Some become Moms out of choice and some not. Whatever that path that led them to be Moms, doesn’t change the title they gain and the responsibility that goes with it.
It’s a life changing title. Read More

The 24 hour duty doesn’t seem to end. True, many have the support of partners or family and friends, but the brunt of the duties and responsibilities fall on the Mom’s shoulders. The feedings, the diapers, the being sick and then, the many giggles and laughs that keep Moms going.

I believe when a mom is crowned, a host of angels descend from heaven to help her. Surely, it cannot be all just her effort. Moms have a halo that is always lit and vibrant, because they have been entrusted with bringing up their babies, the special souls from heaven.

Motherhood teaches you many things:

  • ​To be selfless and giving.
  • ​Humility.
  • ​Perseverance.
  • ​Focused on getting through the day.
  • ​The love factor is a major shift!
  • ​Puts things into perspective.
  • ​Protectiveness.
  • ​Important and vital for that little bundle of joy.
  • ​Strength you never knew you had.
  • ​So many more magical qualities that descend from Heaven …

Let us celebrate Mother’s Day with lots of wonderful memories of the good times we remember of our Mom.

To put on a pedestal, the woman who so deserves to be celebrated. To your Mom and to the Mom inside of you, the nurturer and protector. Honor yourself and your Mom on this special day.

We invite you to “treat yourself” to a special gift. We created a combo gift with Mother’s Day in mind. From all the Mom clients who appreciate this product, we extend a special offer for this day. We hope you and your Mom get to enjoy it.
For details:

Wishing all the Moms out there a wonderful celebration. You so deserve it. Bless you for all your dedication and love. Have a super day!

Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

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