When you self reflect, what do you see? Can you identify what is causing your distress? What do you think is the source of your unpleasant situation? Is it the situation itself or can it be your perspective that is causing your distress? Are you judging yourself too harshly? Do you have a vision for your life that you are struggling to fulfill? For a moment, one needs to step back from the chaos and unpleasantness. In this moment, can you visualize the potential in your life? Can you energize this vision and make it a reality?

We make choices everyday. Sometimes life takes us on a journey of unfortunate incidents and experiences where we can very easily turn bitter. You always have a choice to either remain physically or mentally in those unfortunate situations or you can change your perspective and envision a better outcome. Fear of change can be a debilitating emotion, but the real challenge in life is to take the fear of failing at something and to move forward from that fear, change and transform it into passion to engage with in the future. Ask yourself, “Can I turn this setback into a comeback? “

We all have varying degrees of resiliency and many individuals have impossible situations. I’m not going to diminish those realities but perhaps being open to new ideas and ways of thinking can be a gift. It requires courage and determination and often means pushing you out of your comfort zone. It can be the difference between being rewarded with some form of transformation rather than being trapped in a cycle of struggles. Ironically, when you look at things from different perspectives, it is natural to feel compassion for others and it allows us to recognize the lessons from hardship.

Here is a simple meditative exercise. Imagine yourself walking on a garden path lined with beautiful flowers. Keep your focus on the flowers. You will also see dry leaves and thorns, then return your gaze to the flowers. Metaphorically, this is your journey of seeing the beautiful flowers of life by choosing where to focus. One step at a time will move you forward as will your willingness to understand that this is a process and processes require time.

We have created a combination serenity flower essence to help support you in those challenging times.


Wishing you all the success with this shifting.
Lots of Blessings on your journey.

Doris Muna
Creator of the Dorothea Home Healing therapy

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