Energy Healing Tips for Dog and Other Furry Friends

Let’s face it; we love our pets!!! In the United States, 67% of all households have at least one Pet. We spend extra to feed them special foods to support their health issues. Over 50% of us give our dogs Christmas presents.

During the Covid Pandemic, there was such a high demand to adopt new furry friends that people compared it to the housing market. Sometimes there were more than 20 bids to adopt every dog. People were frantically strategizing about how to win the pet lottery.

The Pet Health Industry is estimated to be about 68 billion dollars as of 2020 and to expand to 132.1 billion by 2027.   The Petfood Industry is at 207 billion, forecasted to grow to about 325.74 billion by 2028. Dogs are the Number one Pet here in the United States and globally.

Why are we so pet obsessed?  There are scientific reasons behind this love for our dog.  According to a study published in The Journal of Science, “When humans and dogs look into each other’s eyes, both get a boost of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which is the same hormone behind the special bond between new parents and their babies.” It’s love at first sight!!!

We see dogs as part of our families, not just pets. We are energetically entwined with our pets. Professional dog trainers like Cesar Millan emphasize the importance of communicating with your dog with calm energy. While our dogs do understand commands, they are highly focused on reading our energy. If we are stressed, they become stressed. If we are fearful, our dog will pick up on that energy and become protective.   When we are overwhelmed with love for our dear pets, they sense our emotions and respond with signs of affection.

All life forms are composed of energy. Whales, bees, plants, humans, and animals alike. That life force energy or Chi can become off balance due to physical, emotional, or mental issues.  Animals also have a Chakra System. Humans and their pets are emotionally and energetically interdependent. We impact each other’s energy. Therefore, we can affect the Chaka system as well.

Chakra is an ancient word that means wheel in Sanskrit. There are seven Chakras along the body’s center that govern our responses to the energy around us. The three chakras found in the lower part of the body (root, sacral and solar plexus) govern our basic survival needs. The four chakras in the upper body (heart, throat, third eye, and crown) govern our mental processes.

The animals in our lives pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Pets absorbed their owners’ feelings and emitted energy. Pets also have emotional issues. Shelter dogs can be fearful and anxious coming from owners who mistreated or neglected them.

To shift anxiety and fearfulness, create a calm, loving, safe environment and balance the entire Chakra system, including the root chakras that influence the survival needs. You can create harmony for your pets by settling their emotional‚ psychological, and physical challenges and ensuring that their bodies function optimally.

For us humans, there are many ways to balance our Chakra System.

  • Meditation
  • Yoga Postures
  • Breathwork
  • Massage
  • Energy Healing Techniques
  • Aromatherapy /Floral Essences
  • Ritual clearing and cleansing

 While some dogs can do yoga postures and might look like they are meditating, the most effective way to balance their Chakra System is through smell and touch.  If you are unfamiliar with the Chakra System and the placement of the Chakra Points, you can easily find a chart online. Start with the paws and massage with gentle pressure. You know your dog and the signs that they are comfortable with your touch.  Massage each of the Chakra Points. We are going for doggie bliss here!!!

As you work, try to tune into the dog’s energy and see if you can feel a calming shift. Is your Pet’s energy calmer, brighter, and more regulated? The more you work with your dog, the more you will intuit if the Chakras are back in balance. You can also work on yourself to become familiar with how the Chakra system feels when aligned. If you get inspired, you might want to try an energy healing training course or work with a professional energy healer specializing in animals.

An easy and effective way to balance your pet’s energy is with Flower Essences. Our dog’s sense of identifying good energy is remarkable. They simply “Know”.

Floral Essences are available customized for any of your pets’ conditions. If you would like more information on

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These restorative elixirs work on beings as small as five pounds‚ as large as horses‚ and everything in between. Enhance the life of your furry friend by restoring their natural balance.

Of course, we have corresponding healing Flower Essences for our Human Friends as well.

I look forward to supporting you and your beloved pets on their healing journey. Take advantage of our current sale on our Flower Essences for Pets.

Lots of Blessings!

Doris Muna

Founder: Dorothea Essences

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