Energy Healing in the office environment – How the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui can increase work productivity

In modern terms, feng shui is used to optimize the purpose of a given space. Using an intentional mix of shapes, colors, materials, and physical spacing, one can make any space feel a specific way based on personal and business goals.

Feng shui, or “the way of wind and water,” is the study of enhancing the natural energy of a given space. This energy, known as “qi,” is said to flow through natural and manmade spaces in paths similar to wind entering a space or water flowing through a surface.

Energy healing can be applied to our homes, and offices. Rebalancing the energy in a home or office can positively affect relationships, finances and overall health. The ancient Chinese philosophy of energy balance focuses on balancing the energy (or “Chi”) of the environment in which we live.

Simple adjustments to the direction of one’s furniture can shift the energy flow and the situation created by the previous energy blockage. Sometimes the intentional placement of mirrors, colored fabrics or plants are all that is required and sometimes it takes removing items of furniture to achieve the harmonious effect of the energy. At other times it is just a matter of clearing the energy with healing.

The most important factor to increase productivity, is to work in your own, dedicated office space. In feng shui practice, each space operates differently based on its intention. Users should do their best not to mix spaces, for fear of cluttering intentions.

  • Work in your own, dedicated office space.
  • Consider spaces that you use for work-adjacent activities. Clear defined boundaries will set the space as specific to what type of activity goes in it.
  • Use any private space. If you don’t have any private spaces of your own, seclude yourself from those you live with.
  • Create seclusion within a public space. Consider breaking line of sight from others using house plants, sitting in the corner of a room, or following these other tips.

Here are some additional Feng Shui tips to help keep your energy and the energy of your home office balanced and clear of blockages: (source Reader’s Digest)

1) Add plants (add freshness and vitality)

2) Go vertical (vertical shapes and lines bring growth and expansion)

3) Keep things clean

4) Remove obstacles (clear visual and energy blockages)

5) Incorporate metal (helps with clarity, sharpness of thought, productivity, and balancing energy)

6) Declutter the entryway

7) Check your commanding positions (orientation of furniture for optimal positive energy)

Imagine peace and harmony within your home and your office. What would it be like to have abundance and prosperity easily flow to your business? Feng shui can bring greater prosperity, happiness, and balance to your life.

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