The challenge is to evaluate how to reverse the impact of a stressful week and whether it’s feasible to expect complete recuperation in two days. My answer is both yes and no. If 5 days of intensive work has left you feeling both physically and mentally exhausted, one or two hour resting period is insufficient. However, if you had 24 hours, you might get a “yes” from me but that “yes” has a few caveats.

What can you do in 24 hours to experience that balance and tranquility? Some tips that are effective for many of my clients include:

1. When you arrive home on Friday evening, put away your phone and computer for the evening.
2. Do not email, text, engage in social media, or search the web.
3. Have an automatic email response stating that you are taking a 24-hour vacation.
4. Drink only water for 24 hours.
5. Eat only vegan for 24 hours.
6. Do not watch TV but rather attempt journaling.
7. Turn on music and dance or just enjoy listening to music.
8. Go to a gentle restorative yoga class or take a casual walk.
9. Create a home spa.
10. Do physical exercise to release endorphins.

Believe me, in 24 hours you will feel amazing!

Make a plan that enables you to integrate all or some of the above points into your work week so you can prevent the pattern of stress, anxiety and fatigue. We are the masters of our own fate and the conductors of our lives. Our bodies are capable of so many functions. Just like machines, our human bodies are very complex with many interrelated parts. Both machine and body parts have specialized tasks that depend on each other. Without conscious consideration of the needs of one part, others may feel the effects. In a very basic sense, without spiritual, physical or emotional “fuel”, the body cannot function at its optimal capacity. I hope you can integrate some of the above suggestions into your life. As the motivational speaker, Jim Rohn once said;

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Join many of our clients who have benefited from the products that allow themselves to be pampered. Treat yourself!

Have a great week ahead!

Doris Muna
Founder: Dorothea Essences

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