I felt sad observing this situation as this family did not talk to each other, or even try and make small talk. I once heard a talk on the radio urging parents to make any kind of conversation with their kids just to engage them in a friendly give and take. Parents often say we don’t know what our kids like. A simple advise is to ask them. Teach the skill of conversation, not interrogation of what did you do or plan to do, but rather questions dealing with how they feel or what they think of something or a movie.

How many hours do you spend on social media?
Are you forever looking at your phone to check out what’s happening?
What would happen if you left your phone in your bag during meals?
How about giving phone time some block allocations where you only check your social media twice a day?
Once a day?

Are our minds programed to constantly use social media?
Is this the new addiction?

With the summer upon us many plan their holidays and take some time off to be with family and travel.
Does the social media travel with you or take a break?

Over use or indulgence in checking our phone or social media leads people to feel a foggy brain. It adds to our stress level. Elevates our anxiety of always wanting to check what is happening and who said what …etc.

Honestly, can this wait?
What would happen if you checked your social media twice a day instead every few minutes?
How much would you miss?

Let us give it a try this summer to give our phones a vacation too!
1. Decide how many times a day is it necessary to check your phone.
2. Block out time for using the phone and limit that time to 15 minutes.
3. Keep your phone out of sight, turn notification off.
4. Give your phone a hug and tell it your plan.
5. Lift your head up and start noticing what is around you.

Hope this helps and leads you to discover what is around you and initiate some fun conversations with your family and friends.

Have a wonderful time experimenting with this new way of feeling liberated from your phone. Enjoy!

Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna
Founder: Dorothea Essences

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