Ideas for Summer relaxation.

Are you feeling tired? Are you sensing that you have too much on your plate?
Stop and let your body rest and recover.

This is the time of year when I hear many of my clients express “I am tired”. The spring can be a busy time of the year with work, family, spring projects, graduations, summer preparations, or children’s year end school activities.

The summer can be a time to slow down, listen to your body and try to unplug if only for a short period each day. It can do wonders for your energy field. How can we give our physical bodies and minds the opportunity to rest? Many countries adopt a siesta habit to reenergize for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Perhaps try a power nap or look up the 5-step guide to a perfect nappuccino! The body is like a car, it needs to refuel and recharge.

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One piece of advice I give to my clients is to take 6 – 8 weeks during summer to avoid all supplements and let the organs detox. This will help your digestive system expel toxins that accumulate from stress and dietary choices. Smoothies are a wonderful refreshing option to minimize the heavy dairy and meat options we often turn to on a daily basis. Why not blend a smoothie of watermelon and mint, cantaloupe and basil or cucumber and lime. You can add protein powders or nut butters for that extra protein. There are so many possibilities. You can try leafy or grain salads and fruits for your main food options. For dessert, try sorbets instead of creamy ice cream. Be creative! It’s only for a few weeks, so be open to experimentation and changes in your eating routine.

Longer days and more sunshine give us the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Being in nature has proven to be therapeutic for all ages. Solitude is a great rejuvenator but it’s also restorative to take walks with friends and family to connect and explore the outdoors. Water is cleansing so if you happen to be close to a beach, river or lake, dip your feet in and take a swim. Many clients also find that physical exercise energizes them. It could be running, biking, swimming, hiking, yoga or something else? If exercise is not part of your regular routine, why not start small. Try to find time to do an activity that can help your mental state and thus aid in your ability to tackle everyday stresses and challenges. The science is proven.

For parents of young children, the summer means days of camps, organizing activities and play dates, play at home or vacations. Your routine is disrupted. When my children were young, I would tell my husband that I really wanted to avoid travel because it was such a hassle. Often, we would take a week off to stay home and be with the kids to play. It was less stressful to have no agenda or plan activities. For me those were my fondest memories of bonding and connecting.

For our ancestors, winter was about survival and spring about rebirth. Summer can be the time of year when you sit back and marvel at all you have accomplished in the last six months. Taking time off is everyone’s privilege so consciously make the effort to set time aside to cherish and make summer memories.

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Doris Muna
Founder Dorothea Essences

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