The child absorbs knowledge using no filter

The child is like a "sponge", which "absorbs" everything that is surrounding it. Already Dr. Maria Montessori warned us in the early 20th century that the children in their first six years of life are in an "absorbing" age.

But there is a slight difference in children up to 3 1⁄2 years and older children! The older the child is, the more it begins to question "why." Its brain is sufficiently developed to use a certain degree of discernment. These questions are an indication that cognitive development has initiated to a higher degree and it now starts to filter all the information the child gets. A toddler has not yet achieved this cognitive ability and takes in all the information without any filter. This unfiltered information according to neuro-science and psychologists – is programmed into the unconscious brain and even into the cell structures and form the first programs, patterns and impressions. This imbedded information will act from its level of unconsciousness influencing the persons entire life. To reprogram such information takes years. Therefore, parents and professionals should be very careful what kind of information is given to the child. It is also very important to think about the activities and life styles when children are around.

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Everyday life is a playground

For a young child, everyday life becomes a playground and a world rich of experiences. Things like grandfather coughing, vegetables in a grocery store, dog on a street, dough in the kitchen, honking of a car, noisy adults around, a visit by the doctor, going for a haircut, etc. are the central learning experiences of the child. The content offered to the child to experience is designed by its surrounding and adults. In this journey of learning a child absorbs the behavior of people with each other, the role of a mother, the role of a father, the role of a woman or man, programs on how to handle conflict, it learns words, sentences, grammar, etc. Have you ever realized that no one ever learned their own mother-tongue at school. No one of us had to be taught how to speak. We all simply started to speak and actually the brain is able to speak a language without using schooling methods. When we start realizing how children learn everything not just by going to school but actually by living together in family and community of children, then we start to understand that schooling is not the only way to learn.

– Extracted from the book “Child – You are Unique” by Marion Hopfgartner, Page 35
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