On April 26th, many people across the world will be celebrating the Full Moon of Wesak. This is a time when two great streams of energy, one focused through the Buddha and the other through the Christ, are fused and blended. This event brings with it powerful effects upon humanity.

On this day is where East meets West and unites the world’s major religions in a shared holy day where all religious distinctions disappear. It is a day of love/wisdom allowing the expansion of consciousness that is not possible in other times.

The true focus of this event is to have many minds working together in meditation to produce unity of thought, which carries everyone to greater heights than could ever be attained alone.

Essentially the greater the number of people who meditate on this day, the stronger the magnetic field of heart allowing us to each become more attune with greater clarity, to quiet the mind, and transmute individual desires into a desire for the greatest of good for all.

I welcome you in celebrating this day with me in meditation.

Blessings, Doris

Date: Monday, 26th April  5pm

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