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What’s Your Why?

Remember how curious you where as a child? It seemed that every sentence started off with, why?

  • Why is the sky blue mommy?
  • Why is the grass green daddy?
  • Why do birds fly?
  • Why do cars honk their horn?
  • Why do they call it mail?

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Connection Is Our Life Line

They say that it takes a village to raise a child, so why then have we become so separate in today’s society? In today’s wake of the electronic revolution we tend to tweet it, email it, message it or post it as opposed to simply picking up the phone or taking the time to visit with our friends and family for a face-to-face visit. Have we lost the ability to connect? I believe it’s time to start a revolution of connection.
  • Connect by picking up the phone to hear that voice on the other end.
  • Connect by lunching with your favorite friends that support your life’s dreams.
  • Connect by putting the electronic devices away and paying attention to those around us.
  • Connect by starting up a conversation with a complete stranger that may turn into a lifelong kindship.
  • Connect with your inner child and see the world with eyes of love.
  • Connect with nature and enjoy all of its glory.

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Are your ready for a change?

Have you been feeling like…..

  • You want to just leave it all behind and go somewhere far away?
  • Wanting to change your work?
  • Can’t stand your friends anymore?
  • The food you once liked, is no longer satisfying?
  • You are now starting to prefer simple dishes and organic stuff?
  • The clothes you wore, are now boring and plain to you?
  • Is your body changing where you are either gaining or losing weight?
  • Your shape is changing?
  • Are you questioning your life’s direction?

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Stepping forward into 2017

Following Blog is by guest Liz Chapman who resides in Spain.  Many thanks for your contribution:

Numerologically 2016 was a '9' year which brought about the end of many things, a winding up and ready to move on time which may be why we lost so many talented and creative people during 2016.

In contrast 2017 is a '1' year which is all about new beginnings. In a '1' year we all have to be aware that thoughts become actions so it is important that we all try to keep our thoughts and words positive. Instead of thinking 'I can't do that' try to change it to 'I wish I could do that', or change 'I don't have enough (money/love/good health etc)' to 'I have more (money/love/good health etc) in my life every day'.

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New Year Resolutions: Do's and Don'ts

It has become the standing joke
lists of “will” do resolutions
every good intention of keeping them

three days later:

I forgot

I’ll start again tomorrow

I’ll start again next Monday
Why did I ever pick those resolutions in the first place?

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