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Taking the time to care

Have you heard the saying; “The holidays seem to really bring the best out in many and they seem more caring.” We all have a big heart and giving and caring is something we are born with. Yet our life routines and challenges mount up and we tend to put that giving and caring heart on the back burner and maybe a little omission.

So why is it we can’t be this way every day, even well after the holiday seasons? What causes us to forget this part of us that is so caring and giving?

  • Could it be that we get back into a routine that we’ve been practicing for so long it’s too hard to break the cycle?
  • Could it be that we tend to forget about the holidays as life continues well after the last Christmas tree has been taken down?
  • Or that we are simply focus elsewhere?

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How do you start your day?

  • Do you journal first thing in the morning?
  • Is your first cup of coffee your day starter?
  • Listen to your favorite music while you get ready?

Many of us start our day with the same routine while others start their day with a dedicated regimen for a successful day. But what does that consist of?

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Can You Relate To The Adams Family Better Than Your Own?

Do you find that when it comes to family time you’d rather have a time out? Family dynamics can be challenging for most as we tend to harbor ill feelings or unresolved issues that you’ve never really addressed. For some, their family is their savior the one they go to in times of trouble and joy, for others, they run as far away from family events as possible.

We need to understand that there are many reasons we react differently towards family members then our friends, and why the family dynamics seem to be such a strain for most.

  • You’ve spent your whole life with family and find they always seem to know which hot buttons to push to upset you.
  • They know too much of your history.
  • For some it boils down to an isolated incident that was never forgotten or forgiven.

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Is Being Thankful Exhausting?

During the month of November, you will read many posts, blogs, and email marketing talking about different ways of being thankful. But allow me to ask you, how does this make you feel?

  •  Based on your current circumstances, do you feel there’s really nothing to be thankful for?
  • Are you simply done with the whole thankful approach?
  • Do you feel it’s just a cliché anyway that no one really practices?

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Do you know how to follow your intuition?

When someone tells you to follow your gut when it comes to a situation, how do you know if what you feel is a gut feeling or simply fear? Many of us have put this ability off to the side and haven’t used it for quite some time, however, you may be using your instincts without knowing it.

Before we evolved as humans, we had no signs to tell us when danger was approaching we simply had to go with our instincts. Simply put, if danger was approaching the hair on our arms and neck would stand up telling us to run. However, today we rely on signs telling us when its’ time to cross the street safely, we rely on others to tell us when to buy that stock or not, or we rely on our loved ones to tell us what to or not do in many situations. But when you use your true instincts you make better decisions on how to handle any given situation, be it to run from danger or not sign the contract because something feels off.

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