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Finding Our Path after the Turmoil

We have all experienced the COVID-19 quarantine and social-distancing, then witnessed injustice and protests. These uncertain times lead many of us to question what kind of world we live in and what sort of life we want for ourselves. Is this what we contracted our soul for? Top that with worries about our future work and existence, and it seems like the floor fell out from under our feet.

Sometimes people are not sure what their purpose on this earth is, but they realize that how they are currently living or what they are doing now does not align with their life’s purpose. This is a unique time for self-discovery and self-reflection. Who am I? What is the reason for my being on this earth? What is my path? What’s next? Am I living the life I want?

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Understanding The energies of covid-19

At the time covid-19 started becoming a crisis I made a short video on March 13, 2020 to share with my clients and colleagues about:

  • Change
  • Energy vibrations
  • Coping

The video is still relevant now and hope the crisis will be over soon.

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A Home Remedy for Virus Season

It’s a recurring theme. Every year we are subjected to viruses, flu and a variety of illnesses that seem to arise during the winter season.

Whether stomach, lung, bronchial or skin, these eruptions of ill health affect the person feeling the ailment and also impact their families and those around them. Have you known anyone with the flu who was happy, cheerful and full of energy? On the contrary, people who are suffering from the flu are often full of woe and may feel sorry for themselves. You also feel sorry for them because you cannot stand to see your loved ones suffer.

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Harmony in Relationships

The key to harmony in our relationships is directly connected to our relationship with ourselves. Our feelings and internal energy reflect how we manage connections and interactions with others.

Even before we are born we are involved in a relationship with our mother - our carrier into this world and all her life experiences. We are exposed to these relationship patterns energetically and become aware of them. These patterns of early childhood are what shape our relationships with others and ourselves.

Many times we find it is easy to have positive relationships with some people but not others. The triggers we have that lead to discord are deep within us and may find their roots in our childhood. On the days we are under stress or overwhelmed with work, we are more sensitive to triggers that bring up emotional discords which reflect in our relationships.

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Being alone for the holidays

The holidays have arrived and while many of us are busy buying gifts for their loved ones and planning holiday meals, there are some who spend the holidays alone due to events beyond their control.

The hype of sharing and giving is instilled in us at a very young age and advertising is often focused on shopping, gatherings and parties during the holidays. In reality, this can be very stressful for many. There can be a mix of emotions and some may feel excited and enjoy the activities while others may feel overwhelmed or seek to find solace in being alone.

Feelings of loss come in many forms. A friend who recently divorced is feeling anxious about the prospect of being alone for the holidays. The death of a loved one in the family can also leave many unable to enjoy the spirit of the holidays. In times of grief, the traditions are interrupted by a sense of bereavement.

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