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Chill out this summer

Ideas for Summer relaxation.

Are you feeling tired? Are you sensing that you have too much on your plate?
Stop and let your body rest and recover.

This is the time of year when I hear many of my clients express “I am tired”. The spring can be a busy time of the year with work, family, spring projects, graduations, summer preparations, or children’s year end school activities.

The summer can be a time to slow down, listen to your body and try to unplug if only for a short period each day. It can do wonders for your energy field. How can we give our physical bodies and minds the opportunity to rest? Many countries adopt a siesta habit to reenergize for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Perhaps try a power nap or look up the 5-step guide to a perfect nappuccino! The body is like a car, it needs to refuel and recharge.

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Father’s Day 2019

What nickname do you call your father? Most kids make up a word that sounds like Pa or Papie. Oftentimes, fathers start referring to themselves with such names.

From the moment we are born, fathers spoil us with affection, gifts of love and are vested in our wellbeing and development. The male figure compliments the energy of the female figure in our lives: a sort of yin and yang of energy. As a father, you are in a position to exert a specifically masculine influence upon your child(ren). However, there are many characteristics that both mother and father possess that are expressed differently and children intuit at a very young age that mom and dad are different! Each has their unique roles in a family and provides a different balance and energy.

So let us celebrate the Dad you know. I asked some of my clients what most endeared them to their father and each one came up with something sweet and special.

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The Wesak Festival Celebration

The Wesak Festival, generally known as the Festival of the Buddha, will be observed on May 18th. This spiritually significant event commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha and is celebrated through rituals, services and deeds. It highlights the fusion of two great streams of energy: one emanating from the Buddha and the other through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Celebrations that take place globally unite the world’s major religions in a shared holy day where a collective expansion of consciousness occurs.
Disciples of all schools including Buddhists, Hindus, Christ followers and secular individuals understand the Wesak period as a time to prepare their lives physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to accept the Abundance of Divine Grace.

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Happy Mother’s Day to a Very Special Mom

It’s that time of year, Spring is here and so is Mother’s Day.
With no formal training for motherhood, it kind of grows on you with a lot of trial and error. This does lead to mistakes, regrets and years later, reflection on how this or that could have been avoided or remedied.

Some become Moms out of choice and some not. Whatever that path that led them to be Moms, doesn’t change the title they gain and the responsibility that goes with it.
It’s a life changing title.

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How to survive mother’s day with a difficult Mom

You just woke up. Had a restful sleep, looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
The weather is warm. Looking out of the window you see flowers and trees in full bloom.
You have a sensation of peace inside of you. Such serenity.

The phone rings; it’s mother’s day and your Mom is on the line. The conversation starts off very sweet and pleasant. Then come the questions … first come the general searching ones: what did you do last night? how was your week? what are your plans for the weekend? ….

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