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Do You Know the Difference Between Essences and Essential Oils?

Essential oils are made from oil and are infused with flowers, herbs or leaves. They are effective by inhalation and/or through absorption through the skin.

The most amazing aroma scents are emitted from these essential oils and effectively enhance your mood and promote relaxation.

There are numerous ways to administer these, either in a diffuser and/or mixed with more oil for a body massage, which are some of the most popular ways of use.

Essential oils seem to work on the emotional and mental bodies that in turn help the physical body relax and benefit from the treatments.

Essences are also made from flowers, herbs or leaves. The difference between these and essential oils is that they are made from the vibrational energy of a plant or flower, captured in water, and preserved with alcohol (brandy or vodka) and have no smell. They are ingested via the mouth directly or drops within water and/or beverages, similar to a tincture. They can also be applied on the skin if one is unable to ingest alcohol or in case of pets or children.

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Break free of Emotional Ties

Friends and family can either be the stronghold or the downfall of your mental state.

Many times, we tend to take on others mental fatigue, hurt, and frustration even though our original state of mind was in a good place. For example: You’ve just received news that you got employee of the month and received a $100 check. You come home absolutely elated and ready to share the good news. As you hum away while winding down from your exciting day, your significant other walks in with a foul mood. Their day has not gone as well as yours and they want someone to sympathize with their strife. So, your good news gets met with a stale, “Great. I just had the worst day ever……” and the spewing begins. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? So, what to do?

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Mother May I….

  • Show you the respect you so loving deserve
  • Help you with the daily chores
  • Help you cook dinner
  • Help you do dishes

On May 14th, many of us plan to celebrate the most important woman in our lives, our mother. While others may simply take time to remember their mother, it’s still important to recognize how special this bond is.

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Celebrating the Full Moon of Wesak

On May 10th, many people across the world will be celebrating the Full Moon of Wesak. This is a time when two great streams of energy, one focused through the Buddha and the other through the Christ, are fused and blended. This event brings with it powerful effects upon humanity.

On this day is where East meets West and unites the world’s major religions in a shared holy day where all religious distinctions disappear. It is a day of love/wisdom allowing the expansion of consciousness that is not possible in other times.

The true focus of this event is to have many minds working together in meditation to produce unity of thought, which carries everyone to greater heights than could ever be attained alone.

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What’s Your Why?

Remember how curious you where as a child? It seemed that every sentence started off with, why?

  • Why is the sky blue mommy?
  • Why is the grass green daddy?
  • Why do birds fly?
  • Why do cars honk their horn?
  • Why do they call it mail?

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