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Do you know how to follow your intuition?

When someone tells you to follow your gut when it comes to a situation, how do you know if what you feel is a gut feeling or simply fear? Many of us have put this ability off to the side and haven’t used it for quite some time, however, you may be using your instincts without knowing it.

Before we evolved as humans, we had no signs to tell us when danger was approaching we simply had to go with our instincts. Simply put, if danger was approaching the hair on our arms and neck would stand up telling us to run. However, today we rely on signs telling us when its’ time to cross the street safely, we rely on others to tell us when to buy that stock or not, or we rely on our loved ones to tell us what to or not do in many situations. But when you use your true instincts you make better decisions on how to handle any given situation, be it to run from danger or not sign the contract because something feels off.

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Shout It on The Roof Tops!

Do you have those moments in life where you’re so excited that you want to shout it out on the roof tops for everyone to hear?

Maybe you finally got the promotion you’ve been waiting for, a raise in pay, a new grandchild, a new love that makes you beam from ear to ear, a new house….no matter the reason, it’s that one thing that makes you want to dance and tell everyone. Don’t you love that feeling of elation? Well how can you feel this way every day, especially with so many things that tend to pull us in different directions?

By getting real clear on what you want out of life. I realize this is big question to answer, but it’s also a very important one. Remember back when you were a kid and how everything was new and exciting?

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Is this a word that makes you nervous or simply light up to the challenge? When someone asks for help, many times we tend to pull back before we push forward with gusto. Why do you think this is?

There are many that are the first ones on board when someone yells help, and then there are those that go running the other way. Here are some of the reasons most run:

  • What if it endangers myself?
  • What if I can’t really help them and just make it worse?
  • What if I’m not prepared or have the right tools to help?

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What Happens When You Look Up?

What do you see when you look up into the sky?

  • Clouds
  • Varying hues of blue
  • The bright light of the sun
  • Birds

Depending upon the time of the season the sky can take on different textures, colors and intensity. Also time of day can give various color hues and shades. However, besides the obvious things we see in the sky, there is also another view to ponder; possibilities. Think about all the possibilities the sky represents. Even though at times it can have the sense of being bound if a storm is on the horizon, it can also be an infinite space of possibilities.

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Hydration for the Mind

With the summer upon us we receive many tips on how to hydrate your body and mind during the heat waves that seem to come and go.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stay in cool places
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen

It is important to sweat when the weather is hot, it’s the body’s cooling mechanism. Take it easy on the jogging and strenuous exercise. Make sure you remain hydrated and balance your exposure to heat with staying in a cool shaded area.

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