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Child - You are Unique

The child absorbs knowledge using no filter

The child is like a "sponge", which "absorbs" everything that is surrounding it. Already Dr. Maria Montessori warned us in the early 20th century that the children in their first six years of life are in an "absorbing" age.

But there is a slight difference in children up to 3 1⁄2 years and older children! The older the child is, the more it begins to question "why." Its brain is sufficiently developed to use a certain degree of discernment. These questions are an indication that cognitive development has initiated to a higher degree and it now starts to filter all the information the child gets. A toddler has not yet achieved this cognitive ability and takes in all the information without any filter. This unfiltered information according to neuro-science and psychologists - is programmed into the unconscious brain and even into the cell structures and form the first programs, patterns and impressions. This imbedded information will act from its level of unconsciousness influencing the persons entire life. To reprogram such information takes years. Therefore, parents and professionals should be very careful what kind of information is given to the child. It is also very important to think about the activities and life styles when children are around.

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Back to school: Time to restart your schedule!

By now, many of us are participating in our back to school rituals. Even if you don’t have children, the end of summer is often associated with new school beginnings, more structure and activity in our communities. Without the time constraints imposed by school, summer has always been a time for vacation, relaxation, and a season to enjoy extra time with friends and family. However, summer can also create feelings of general tiredness, particularly in regions of excessive heat such as Southern California. Our bodies naturally crave change after a few months. There are physical, mental and social factors at play with the change of seasons that are facilitated by cooler weather and shorter days. These changes can be difficult for some individuals. How can we go through this transition with relative ease? Some of the advice we suggest in our summer blog posts can also apply to the approaching fall season.

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Down time: The cure for anxiety

You have reached the end of an arduous week at work; you are heading home, and looking forward to recuperating and having a relaxing weekend. TGIF you say! Does this sound familiar? However, despite good intentions, what happens next can be the total opposite. There may be many reasons why your expectations only become partially realized but some common obstacles expressed from my clients are:

  • You over-schedule the weekend
  • You underestimate how exhausted you are and how much down time you need before you can fully engage in weekend activities.
  • You feel anxious, stressed and/or fatigued from either work or personal situations.

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Does your social media take a vacation?

I was having lunch at a cafe close to work and observed this family. Mom & Dad, a girl around 12 years old and a boy around 10 years old. All four of them held a phone in their hand and was busy texting and surfing the internet.

The waitress had to raise her voice and ask twice if they were ready to order before one of them noticed and steered from the trans of social media to alert the other family members it is time to order the food. The kids were quite upset to get their attention away from their phones, order whatever was their reply and shifted their focus back to their phones.

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Is a holiday with kids fun?

Three tips to help you along

1. It can be, however a lot of preparation is a must!
Summer has arrived and for many of us this means vacation with kids. Where do you start? It can either provoke feelings of excitement at the possibilities or anxiety if you haven’t travelled often with young ones. Depending on the age of your child or children, their experience traveling and their temperament, there are an endless variety of options to accommodate all families. Half of the fun is exploring all the choices available. The other half of the fun comes when you arrive at your destination and get to enjoy the adventure.

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