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Stepping forward into 2017

Following Blog is by guest Liz Chapman who resides in Spain.  Many thanks for your contribution:

Numerologically 2016 was a '9' year which brought about the end of many things, a winding up and ready to move on time which may be why we lost so many talented and creative people during 2016.

In contrast 2017 is a '1' year which is all about new beginnings. In a '1' year we all have to be aware that thoughts become actions so it is important that we all try to keep our thoughts and words positive. Instead of thinking 'I can't do that' try to change it to 'I wish I could do that', or change 'I don't have enough (money/love/good health etc)' to 'I have more (money/love/good health etc) in my life every day'.

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New Year Resolutions: Do's and Don'ts

It has become the standing joke
lists of “will” do resolutions
every good intention of keeping them

three days later:

I forgot

I’ll start again tomorrow

I’ll start again next Monday
Why did I ever pick those resolutions in the first place?

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Each aspect of our life sends out various energies which, much like an arrow being released by a bow, work to propel us into our future endeavors. To name a few, we each have private and public energies, emotional energies from our past and present, the energy which is formed as a result of past actions, the energy of our future, and energy that manifests from our dreams, aspirations and the unknown. These energies work together to shape and create us, and as we foster our different energies, we move forward on our path. One energy in particular can influence the outcome of our future, the energy of gratitude.

When you look at people around you, you will witness those who are happy and content as well as those who are perpetual complainers, never satisfied. You could take two people with nearly identical means and lifestyle, yet find two polar opposite outlooks on the world. How is this so? Gratitude is the difference in their attitude; With Gratitude we learn to appreciate and find bliss in what is already present.

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Happiness Unlimited

When we ask someone 'what is it you want' the answers are often something like:

"more money"
"better relationship"
"a job I love"

Ask yourself. Explore these answers. Why do I want these things? What is it that we feel we will have once we have the money, the job, the partner? Underneath the need of security or getting that yummy cheesecake is a desire for happiness.

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The Brighter Side OF Health and Hope

I know that many of you, like myself, have either been touched by or have known someone who has battled with some type of cancer. If you've listened to my radio show you know that I only like to talk about the brighter side of life. I’m sure you are thinking how could there possibly be a brighter side to cancer, so let me explain to you why cancer and positive thinking is widely encouraged.

I would first just like to take a moment to recognize everyone who has fought their own battles with cancer. I also want to recognize all of the angels that have lost their battles with cancer and become a miracle in someone's life. Being a supportive family member, friend, volunteer, or even a hair donor can be the biggest gift for anyone going through cancer. There are so many different ways that you can be there to lighten their pain and give them hope during their everyday struggles. Driving someone to and from an appointment, helping with meal trains, house cleaning, or even just visiting and being that uplifting voice are some great ways to help brighten someone’s day. If you can help manage just one responsibility that the individual person or family doesn’t have to think about, it can make their lives seem so much more manageable in that moment and can even help them to maintain a somewhat normal schedule.

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