– Hydration is still very critical. Across all ages, our bodies rely on hydration to keep our brains functioning properly. Years of research have shown that if we are dehydrated, some side-effects could include lack of focus, short-term memory loss, and difficulty in recalling long term memory. School and learning require a lot of mental energy and young brains need water to help them function properly. The recommendation from nutritionists for an adult is to drink approximately 64 oz of water a day on average. This translates into 8, 8 oz glasses. Drinking water upon waking can help you have a productive morning but by lunch or mid-afternoon, do you ever feel lethargic? Many of us do. I have a friend who would regularly have a few cups of coffee around 3 pm. I suggested she try drinking water and this simple change in her routine made her feel amazing and energized without caffeine. Try it.

– Keep a bag of cut vegetables and healthy snacks available. Try to refrain from visiting the vending machine towards the end of the day by having snacks in the car so you aren’t famished when you arrive home. This is also helpful if you have hungry children coming from school, day-care or after school sports activities. Taking the focus away from hunger can help you connect with your family and diffuse any “hangry” family members while you prepare dinner.

– I always anticipate the arrival of autumn because it enables me to do more hiking and walking in cooler temperatures. If you can, determine how you can incorporate more exercise in your daily routine and find something you enjoy that doesn’t create more stress. Research has shown that you will be more successful if you implement a realistic and simple exercise regime. This may be challenging if you have a family and/or work full-time. I know a few clients who go for a short walk at lunch rather than sitting in their office or lunch-room. If you can find a co-worker to join you, it can be a strong motivator. Fitness doesn’t have to include a cardio work out or long runs or bike rides. Drastic changes to your current exercise regime or unrealistic expectations are often formulas for failure. The key to fitness success is your commitment to what you can manage in your busy schedule.

We always like to recommend some of our essences to help support you on this journey.
For total balance and support, try our Magnificent Seven. Put two sprays in your mouth, twice a day or in a beverage and be amazed at the difference.

Wishing you a happy September!
Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna
Founder Dorothea Essences

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