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    “Life is like a garden, and we want to experience all the blossoms at different periods of our journey. As all the variety unfolds and is nurtured in the light, even the thorny cactus has its beauty, grace and purpose when you gain perspective. That’s what our essences do.”

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    My passion and calling is to share my gifts of alternative health and healing with individuals who are suffering or in a life transition. I also teach fellow healers my methods so that more people can benefit from the practices I know.

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    Lots of Blessings and Namaste!
    Doris Muna

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Upcoming Events & News

Full Moon Meditation

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We invite you to take part in this guided, one-hour meditation. Regardless of whether meditation is new to you or if you are an experienced practitioner, all are welcome.

Next events: February Full Moon

Date: Sat, 8th February 2020 6pm FB live!

February full moon is known as the Snow moon. More to share on Facebook live!

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Energetic Technology for Business Management Workshop


UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS DYNAMICS FROM THE ESOTERIC PERSPECTIVE! This unique Workshop allows participants to break free from traditional approaches to Business Challenges. Thereby it assists in removing obstacles, which otherwise may even not been recognized.

Saturday 21 March 2020 9am - 5pm, Thousand Oaks, California


Upcoming Events

Gain energy and relief from pain by learning new healing techniques for yourself and your clients.

Full Moon Meditation

8 February 2020

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Energetic Technology for Business Management Workshop

21 March 2020

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Featured Products from the Flower Essences Webshop

Home Healing Therapy

Are you not sure which essence you need?

See our Flower Essence recommendations for every condition!

Flower Essences

When we are on a healing journey, flowers and herbs can help us in matters of the body, mind and soul.

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Flower Essences Webshop
Pet Balance Aura Dropper

Essence of the Month: Pet Balance Dropper

The animals in our lives are able to pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Sometimes‚ their energies need to be cleared and their chakras and meridians balanced— just as ours do.
Also available as spray!

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Healing & Consultation

Releasing emotional blocks and creating breakthrough results for a more peaceful life.
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Doris Muna, Author

Discover the right tools for your journey of healing with Doris' strategies in her acclaimed books.

Back to school: Time to restart your schedule!

By now, many of us are participating in our back to school rituals. Even if you don’t have children, the end of summer is often associated with new school beginnings, more structure and activity in our communities. Without the time constraints imposed by school, summer has always been a time for vacation, relaxation, and a season to enjoy extra time with friends and family. However, summer can also create feelings of general tiredness, particularly in regions of excessive heat such as Southern California. Our bodies naturally crave change after a few months. There are physical, mental and social factors at play with the change of seasons that are facilitated by cooler weather and shorter days. These changes can be difficult for some individuals. How can we go through this transition with relative ease? Some of the advice we suggest in our summer blog posts can also apply to the approaching fall season.

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Down time: The cure for anxiety

You have reached the end of an arduous week at work; you are heading home, and looking forward to recuperating and having a relaxing weekend. TGIF you say! Does this sound familiar? However, despite good intentions, what happens next can be the total opposite. There may be many reasons why your expectations only become partially realized but some common obstacles expressed from my clients are:

  • You over-schedule the weekend
  • You underestimate how exhausted you are and how much down time you need before you can fully engage in weekend activities.
  • You feel anxious, stressed and/or fatigued from either work or personal situations.

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