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Hello, I am Doris Muna!

My passion and calling is to share my gifts of alternative health and healing with individuals who are suffering or in a life transition. I also teach fellow healers my methods so that more people can benefit from the practices I know.

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Doris Muna

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Upcoming Events & News

Full Moon Meditation

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We invite you to take part in this guided, one-hour meditation. Regardless of whether meditation is new to you or if you are an experienced practitioner, all are welcome.

The full moon marks an auspicious time when the potential for inner growth and lunar energy is at a marked high.Through meditation during a full moon we may be more receptive to connecting to our unconscious.

Next events:

Date: Sun, 12th March 2017 10:00 am

Location: Ventura, CA

Please note that pre-registration is required to attend!


Flower Essences Advanced


Become an Expert on the Application of the Dorothea Healing Essences

Connect to the Flower Kingdom when you study the process of Essence making. In this class you’ll further develop your understanding and skills of Essences in general. 

Date: Sat, Mar 04 2017
Camarillo, CA 93013



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Join me on this life changing event. You will love it!

This is a one day event. Designed to help release all that is not working well in our lives and energizing our thoughts, dreams and projects.

Date: Fri, May 19 2017


Past Lives Research


Who am I? Where do I come from? And where am I going?

Past Lives Research offers the opportunity to become aware of the long journey of your soul and the directions it takes.

Date: Sat, Apr 22 2017 - Sun, Apr 23 2017 
Camarillo, CA


In cooperation with Damanhur University

Upcoming Events

Gain energy and relief from pain by learning new healing techniques for yourself and your clients.

Flower Essences Advanced
Sat, Mar 04 2017 9:00 am
Cost per person:  $220.00
March Full Moon
Sun, Mar 12 2017 10:00 am
Cost per person:  See Details
Past Lives Research
Sat, Apr 22 2017 10:00 am
Cost per person:  $325.00
Fri, May 19 2017 9:00 am
Cost per person:  $225.00
Awaken the light within Level I & II
Sat, May 27 2017 9:00 am
Cost per person:  $220.00
Fri, Sep 01 2017 12:00 am
Cost per person:  See Details

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Flower Essences

When we are on a healing journey, flowers and herbs can help us in matters of the body, mind and soul.

Flower Essences Webshop
rose flower essence

Essence of the Month: Rose Flower essence

The flower essence of the rose is the first I ever made. While enjoying the natural landscape of California and looking out to the horizon, my attention was drawn to several rose bushes. One of them seemed to be glowing more than the rest.

The Rose essence is ideal to nurture and enhance love, kindness and creativity.
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Healing & Consultation

Releasing emotional blocks and creating breakthrough results for a more peaceful life.
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Doris Muna, Author

Discover the right tools for your journey of healing with Doris' strategies in her acclaimed books.

The Brighter Side OF Health and Hope

I know that many of you, like myself, have either been touched by or have known someone who has battled with some type of cancer. If you've listened to my radio show you know that I only like to talk about the brighter side of life. I’m sure you are thinking how could there possibly be a brighter side to cancer, so let me explain to you why cancer and positive thinking is widely encouraged.

I would first just like to take a moment to recognize everyone who has fought their own battles with cancer. I also want to recognize all of the angels that have lost their battles with cancer and become a miracle in someone's life. Being a supportive family member, friend, volunteer, or even a hair donor can be the biggest gift for anyone going through cancer. There are so many different ways that you can be there to lighten their pain and give them hope during their everyday struggles. Driving someone to and from an appointment, helping with meal trains, house cleaning, or even just visiting and being that uplifting voice are some great ways to help brighten someone’s day. If you can help manage just one responsibility that the individual person or family doesn’t have to think about, it can make their lives seem so much more manageable in that moment and can even help them to maintain a somewhat normal schedule.

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I am being trained by my pet!

My training began slowly, through communication, careful observation and building off the connection we formed when I witnessed Bella's hardships during my meditation. We started out working together to figure out what she liked or did not like. Then it was which road to take on our walks. One day our training together consisted of following bunny poop through the bushes (or wherever else it may be) so we could catch that pesky bunny rabbit.

The next big training for me was at the dog park. Bella ran into fellow dog owners, forcing me to talk to them and apologize for her behavior. Low and behold, the conversations somehow always managed to bring up pet healing and their pets became my newest furry clients.

So this is how I slowly ended up in the pet healing business, with Bella being my loyal marketing manager.

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