Attract more wealth and harmony in your home and workspace by shifting the energy from stagnation to flow to increase abundance and peace.

Energy healing can be applied to our homes and office environments with the ancient philosophy of feng shui.  This space readjustment is often sought by people who have noticed things are not going well in their life.  Some may feel as though work is stagnant and nonproductive, relationships are in discord.  Some may be experiencing a tired feeling, or simply not being able to relax in one’s home.

For many, home offices have now become our workspaces.  If these spaces are not ideally situated to be in harmony with each other, help may be needed with the flow of energy and attracting abundance.

Feng Shui is the art of rebalancing the energy in a home or office to bring harmony to  relationships, finances, and overall health.

How it works:

This ancient Chinese philosophy focuses on balancing the energy (or “Chi”) of the environment in which we live.  Simple adjustments to the direction of one’s bed or desk can shift the energy flow and the situation created by the previous energy blockage.

Sometimes the intentional placement of mirrors, colored fabrics, or plants is all that is required, and other times, it may take removing items of furniture to achieve the harmonious effect of the energy.  Every environment is unique, therefore applying the proper feng shui fundamentals is key.  In other situations, it may just be a matter of clearing with energy healing.

Imagine peace and harmony within your home and your office.  What would it be like to have abundance and prosperity easily flow to your business?  How would your relationships flourish?  Feng shui can bring greater prosperity, happiness, and balance to your life.

Call us today for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discover how our Feng Shui enhancement could help you bring in more success and abundance this year.

“Doris understands how energy impacts a business. She has been instrumental in helping us with the energy clearing of our offices. J.S. Ventura”


Doris Muna is a 3rd generation energy healer with over twenty years of experience.


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