Your mindset can radically affect your love life and romantic relationships. Overwhelming research on mindset shows that the way you think about yourself and the world around you can drastically change the way you learn, love, how you handle stress, how you create success, your resiliency, and even how your immune system functions.

The prevailing belief is that creating an abundance mindset allows you to:

  • Live an unlimited, full, and satisfying life
  • Exude happiness despite circumstance
  • Give and receive affections and items of high value with ease
  • Feel plentiful, creative, and inspired

Here are 3 ways you can create an abundance mindset in your relationships:

  1. Recognize the Power of Your Thoughts

Cultivating mindfulness in your relationship can help decipher when your thoughts are creating a mindset of scarcity or of abundance. By taking time to notice what type of thoughts are circulating in your head, you can begin to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts towards abundance.

  1. Practice Gratitude in your relationship

Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful and widely recognized tools for creating abundance and happiness in your love life and relationships. There are numerous studies on the power of gratitude on well-being. According to Oprah Winfrey, “If you look at what you have in life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you will never have enough.” In the same vein, Tony Robbins is quoted for saying, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”Keep a gratitude journal and write down what you are genuinely grateful for every day about your partner.

  1. Believe the Sky’s the Limit

The enemy of abundance is a contracted awareness. One fun Harvard study found that when people focus intently on one particular thing, other possibilities right in front of them go completely unnoticed. It is vital to loosen the mind’s focus and create an expanded awareness that fosters the abundance mentality.

Maintain a regular practice or take a few minutes each day to be grateful for your relationship and where you are at the moment.

We can end up believing that there is always more to do and that we haven’t done enough. If we are always focused on the next step: dating, moving in together, getting married, buying a house, having a child (in whatever order suits you), we tend to forget what we have and where we have already come from together.

Oftentimes in relationships, one partner has an attitude of abundance and the other, an attitude of scarcity. Conflict arises when this shows up in multiple arenas of the relationship. One partner ends up feeling like they are “never going to be enough” for the other.

Make your scarcity mentality scarce.

Try making a “have done” list with your partner the next time you begin to feel overwhelmed with relationship goals or with a sense that “something is missing” in your relationship. List all of the events you have done together that week or month, the chores or activities you completed with one another. Reflect on the difficult times, the conflicts or challenges that you faced together and think about what you did well. Then think about what your partner did well.

Count out how much time you spent together, the number of times you laughed together, the money have saved up that month towards future goals, or whatever outcome that is important for your relationship. Calculate and measure your successes that you already have. Even when they may be small or only partially a success, these count too.

Focus on the wonderful qualities of your partner and what endeared you to each other. Be grateful for those qualities and the relationship.

When you notice what you have already done, it can make it easier or more encouraging to keep creating the vision of what you want for your relationship. Our lives are made up of little moments that make up the larger moments and dreams of our relationships and our lives. Appreciate yourself for getting to where you already are. Tell your partner what you are proud of. This is one helpful pathway to encouraging a sense of abundance.

“Each of us can learn the art of nourishing happiness and love.

Everything needs food to live, even love.

If we don’t know how to nourish our love, it withers.

When we feed and support our own happiness, we are nourishing our ability to love.

That’s why to love means to learn the art of nourishing our happiness.”

Thich Nhat Hanh –

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