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Keynote Speaking

Doris is available for keynote speaking.


  • Thank you Doris for healing our dog Roxy; our love, from cancer. Through your healing work and light she was able to have a longer, happier and healthier life. I highly recommend Doris Muna to anyone needing healing for their pets or themselves. Kim Somers Egelsee,

  • Our dog, Paisley, was rescued as a puppy from an abusive owner who actually threw her away in a garbage can on a hot summer day.  Needless to say, Paisley found her way to us with some very deep emotional wounds.  She was desperately afraid of her leash and would completely freeze up and shake uncontrollably whenever we tried to walk ...

    her or need to take her to the vet.  Luckily, we are fortunate to have a large property and gave Paisley free range so we just accommodated her idiosyncrasies over the years.  But it always saddened me that she missed out on daily walks and it was so stressful for her to go to her annual checkups.  Then, things really changed when we bought an RV and wanted to include Paisley on our family camping trips.  That’s when I called Doris and asked for her help.  I am amazed at the results Doris was able to achieve with Paisley in such a short time! 

    Doris explained that our pets come into our lives for a reason and Paisley was sent to help me release my own emotional baggage.  So by working with Doris, not only was I able to heal, Paisley was able to heal as well.  We actually just returned from our second family camping trip and Paisley is a model dog at the campground!  She no longer shakes or hides from her harness or lead.  She walks so well on her leash it looks like she’s been doing it her entire life!  And, I know she is really enjoying her new camping adventures!  She even tries to invite herself into my car now and go for rides which she never did before! 

    Doris, thank you so much for your help.  Because of your guidance and special gifts, Paisley and I (and our entire family) will be able to make many great memories in the years to come!

    With love and gratitude,

    Kelly LeFevre

    Newark, Ohio

  • I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Doris's approach to healing is authentic. Her approach to nutrition and how intolerances can affect the meridians is fascinating. Thank you for your help. J.N. (El Dorado Hills, CA)

  • I took Touch for Health class last year. It was the time that I was able to understand in full how to muscle test. The way Doris explained the fine details of muscle testing was phenomenal. She understands the needs of each student, and helps them learn the different aspects of Touch for Health in a way that is clear and concise. I can hardly wait to take her next class!Lorain Danus, Energy Balancing Practitioner - Huntington Beach, CA
  • I originally decided to take the Touch for Health class with Doris because I wanted to learn more about the body's meridian system. I had a curiosity about how Touch for Health works. My expectations were exceeded on both accounts. Doris is a loving, fun, patient teacher and is very knowledgeable in the field of Touch for Health and life in general. The first class was so much fun that I took level two also. I would highly recommend Doris and the Touch for Health class to anyone who has an interest in learning. Walter B., Automation Engineer and Part-time healer - San Clemente,CA
  • In my field of work with elderly patients who need one on one care, many times I encounter situations in which I can help alleviate pain. Touch for Health is a fast way to achieve the desired results with only a few light touches on the neurolymphatic points and the neurovascular points. This is a great system with a lot of tools for healing!Melani Kusch, Caregiver for elderly and disabled patients - Burbank, CA 
  • Doris is an awesome teacher. She is knowledgeable, passionate and committed to her craft. I am a martial arts instructor. In taking the Touch for Health classes with Doris, I have learned a lot of things about traditional Chinese medicine and the meridians, that I can use in my martial arts as well as how to help my students. Roger Malone, Martial Arts Instructor - Mission Viejo, CA
  • I was a smoker and had tried several approaches to quit.  I would stop smoking for a few weeks and then start again. I saw Doris in California for help in stopping this habit, and she did Energy Healing on me. We continued Distance Healing, as I moved to New York. We did and intensive approach, and after 15 sessions, I finally quit the habit. It has been a year now, and I have had no cravings or any lapses. I recommend this approach to anyone who is having addiction issues.

    N.G. (New york)
  • I have a scientific background, so Energy Healing was an avenue that I had little faith in...until it worked! I had a skin rash, and I was willing to try alternative healing because I simply didn't want to go the traditional route. Doris helped boost my immune system and worked with my chakras to help reduce, and later completely eliminate, the problem. It is amazing how this healing works! Thank you, Doris!!!

    R.C. (Ventura, CA)
  • I love Dorothea’s salt scrub! My body had difficulties with shoulder pain for several years. It was suggested that lymph nodes under my arms were energetically clogged. I started cleansing my underarms and shoulders with Dorothea Salt scrub every morning. Within a week the shoulder pain was completely gone! That was a couple of years ago and the pain has never come back. I use Dorothea Salt Scrub on my whole body on a regular basis, it’s awesome stuff.Walter (# 1 salt scrub fan)
    San Clemente, CA
  • Intuitively, it is easy to feel the comforting and cleansing effects of the Aura Spray from Dorothea Essences. And even during my more agnostic moments, I continue to use, and have so for over a year now. Two or three spritzes to stress relief is a no-brainer. Ryan J, USA 
  • Going on a retreat with Doris is an experience that, if you have a chance to do it, you have to do it! It’s not just a retreat. You participate in, that when you go away, you come back recharged. You have a wonderful time with great people…a lot of fun. You learn tools to apply to really shift your life. I highly recommend that you go and don’t miss out on this fun life shifting adventuregaby-purrer-smGabi Purrer founder of
  • My first retreat with Doris I came away with so much practical everyday techniques that has helped me de-stress, meditate and work on aura cleansing that I now know what is important in my life and I can let go of obstacles blocking my path to success. Thank you Doris!Monika-EsseilyMonika Esseily from Dana Point, CA
  • Ursula Mentjes of “Sales Coach Now” talks about Doris’s retreats.
  • Before working with Doris Muna, I was struggling in some of my close relationships due to the effects of alcoholism and serious addiction. After approximately 4 to 6 sessions, I was able to substantially shift my challenges.

    Doris’s approach is clear, direct and nurturing. She pinpointed my unhealthy energetic connections to certain individuals and assisted me in releasing them. The results have been a healthy evolution in my relationships with my husband, my parents and sister, and the graceful release of two relationships that had turned toxic.

    Another happy result of the clarity and lightness of being that was achieved was an expansion in the newest arm of my business, and increased prosperity in the household finances. I thoroughly recommend Doris as an insightful and effective healer.

    Nora Williams, Chicago, IL
  • I don't know where I (and my business) would be without Doris and her support. I already knew that my very serious financial challenges were related to my relationship challenges -- that it was all about my "stuff" needing to get clear -- I just didn't have the tools to clear that "stuff" out and make room for the money and the love to flow. After just a few sessions with Doris, my relationships began to shift and my business and bank accounts began to grow and grow and grow. Today, everything is flowing to me easily and effortlessly. And because she has given me tools, I am now able to move myself through much of the "stuff" as it comes up. I am more connected to myself, my family, my clients, and my calling than ever before. Words will never be enough to thank you, Doris!Amanda Johnson, Transformational Book Coach
    True to Intention

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