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Flower Essences

Flower Essences

When we are on a healing journey, flowers and herbs can help us in matters of the body, mind and soul.

In fact, ancient cultures of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mayans, Hindus and Buddhists used flowers and herbs in their healing because they understood the amazing healing properties of them.

I often use flower essences in conjunction with Energy Healing, Distance Healing and Touch for Health or both people and pets to help remove any emotional blockages that are standing in the way of healing.

These products speed up the process of healing. They can be used either directly in the mouth or by putting the drops in tea or water or on the skin     Essence use: Hold bottle between hands in reverence and ask "Please help me on my journey, thank you.”  Let the essences work on the soul level and heal. Essences contain 20% alcohol. If you are allergic to alcohol please do not ingest. They can be used on the chest or on your pillow. May the blessings of those essences help you discover your healing journey.

Are you not sure which essence you need?

Dorothea Healing Flower Essences
Condition:Flower Essence Recommendation:
Feeling unloved or sad Rose; Beauty; Orchids; Geranium
Needing protection Santos; Elements
Feeling of overwhelm Nasturtium; Ashkara; Geranium
Need to move forward boldly OakElements
Need Spiritual support Ashkara; Grace IPneuvma; Manitoulin,
Going through Relationship discord Rose; Reconciliation; Geranium
Experiencing Hormonal imbalance Geranium; Rock Rose
Need Grounding and centering Nasturtium; Grace II ; Elements; Oak; Rock Rose; Yarrow
Childhood/ Sexual abuse Pine; Reconciliation;
Lacking Female Goddess Energy Rose; Geranium; Beauty; Orchids;
Need Wisdom or Vision Ashkara; Manitoulin; Elements; Pneuvma
Grieving loss Yarrow; Reconciliation; Rose
Yearning for Peace Ashkara;
General Chakra and Meridian Balancer Magnificent Seven; Pets: Pet Aura spray
Cleansing or Protection from negative vibes Aura Spray; Best Spray Ever;
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Ashkara Flower Essence
Ashkara Flower Essence (Sodom's Apple): Peace and Illumination. This is a very beautiful creation th..
Aura Space Cleaner 2oz.
Clear your personal energy field of negativity and limiting beliefs, whether self-generated or put o..
Beauty Flower Essence
Beauty - Enjoy your life As the sun rises things are slow to awaken, it helps to slowly get you rea..
Complete Set
This complete set of all Dorothea Healing Essences includes one bottle of each:  Orchid, Beauty..
Elements Flower Essence
Elements Essence: Centering and Connectivity. It’s important to always be aware of the correlation o..
Geranium Flower Essence
Geranium Flower Essence: Balance and Harmony. Promotes loving relationships and works on the meridia..
Grace Essence - Connecting With Higher Soul
Reconnect with your personal spirit and discover your soul’s true purpose with Grace. Does your min..
Grace I Flower Essence
Grace I Flower Essence: Heaven. Angels and Heaven help you with receiving guidance. Grace I & Gr..
Grace II Flower Essence
Grace II helps with grounding. Grace I & Grace II are 2 part essences: one is the spiritual heav..
Harmony Essence - Restoring Relationships
Take a break from the relationship drama and start the healing process with Harmony. If you are fee..
Manitoulin Flower Essence
Enlightenment. This essence opens your eyes to what matters. It reminds us of what we are here for a..
Nasturtium Flower Essence
Nasturtium Flower Essence: Dissolving and Eliminating. In the physical body, this flower essence hel..
Oak Tree Flower Essence
Oak Tree Flower Essence: Fortitude. This essence reminds us of our true selves and calling, it puts ..
Orchids Flower Essence
Orchids - Femininity and Yielding Awakens the yielding feminine energy of the Goddess within you...
Pets Aura Spray dropper, 1oz
The animals in our lives are able to pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Pets absorb thei..
Pets Aura Spray, 2oz
The animals in our lives are able to pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Pets absorb thei..
Pets Aura Spray, 4oz
The animals in our lives are able to pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Pets absorb thei..
Pine Tree Flower Essence
Pine Tree Essence: Trauma Healing. This essence deals with distressing incidents and the need to hea..
Pneuma Flower Essence
Pneuma Flower Essence: Loving Kindness, Blessings. Pronounced “pnevma”, it means breath/spirit in Gr..
Prosperity Essence - Attracting Abundance
Shift your energy to positive and open yourself up to everything you want in life with Prosperity. ..
Reconciliation Flower Essence
Reconciliation Flower Essence: Forgiveness. This essence helps with the step we need to take after f..
Rock Rose Flower Essence
Rock Rose Flower Essence: Balance. This essence assists in restoring the balance between the left an..
Rose Flower Essence
Goddess Divinity Essence Description:The flower essence of the rose is the first I ever made. While ..
Salt Scrub 12oz
Sacred Salt Scrub: Aura Cleanser. Removes dry surface skin revealing smooth glowing skin, while rele..
Serenity Essence - Feeling Uplifted
Release your mental stress and strike a more balanced state of wellbeing with Serenity. There is a ..
Yarrow Flower Essence
Yarrow Flower Essence: Surviving and Grounding. This essence is ideal for someone who is going throu..

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