The recognition of gratitude may be obvious to many but for some it can be a difficult thing to quantify or know how to recognize and appreciate. How can we start? A simple way is to take a notebook and start writing what you are grateful for. It could be as simple as enjoying your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. It could be the sound of your children calling to you as you wake. Expressions of gratitude don’t have to be enlightening or thought provoking. They can be simple and in the moment. This is a very heart-warming exercise and it is one that I have shared with my clients over the last 25 years. At first, many are skeptical or they don’t know where to begin. For some, they are not sure they can be grateful for anything as their lives seem to be filled with sadness, negativity or challenging relationships. No matter what stressful events you experience, it is always your choice to respond or not to respond to the situation with an attitude of mindfulness, alertness, and intention. Can you be grateful that you challenged yourself to do this exercise? Absolutely! As the famous adage goes, “gratitude begets happiness.” As you begin to write in your notebook, one idea may lead to another and soon your ideas compel you to think about positive aspects of your life. There have been numerous times that clients have contacted me and said, “this is such a great exercise, and we are so grateful you shared it with us!” This always reaffirms the importance of this exercise and brings a big smile to my face.

By adopting this attitude of gratitude in our lives, it forces us to become conscious of the love and kindness around us. It can also make us aware, in a very tangible way, of how much progress we have made in our journey. Do you have a negative or unhappy situation that you want to change or at least change your perception of? For example: Is your partner being difficult? How can we engage our thought process to help identify gratitude? Think of a positive attribute in your partner and focus on that instead of the difficult or frustrating trait. Try to identify the blessings that you have received from this partnership. At first you may struggle to find only one thing. Keep practicing and searching, and when you find one thing you are grateful for in your partner, place all your energy in that one blessing and hold your focus. Soon another thing will come to mind and slowly your negative energy will shift and that of your partner will as well.

The authentic expression of gratitude during times of stress includes appreciation for the abundance in your life in whatever form that may take. By recognizing our blessings, we begin to feel more fulfilled with a sense of purpose. This phenomena is pure energy attraction: the more you are grateful for, the more the universe rewards you by giving you things to add to your gratitude journal.

We are coming to a month of Thanksgiving and holidays. Being grateful is a wonderful habit to make part of your daily routine. Take any 2 minutes you can spare during the day and identify your Blessings. Watch the magic happen.

Have a wonderful month full of Blessings

Doris Muna
Founder of Dorothea Essences HHT

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