What nickname do you call your father? Most kids make up a word that sounds like Pa or Papie. Oftentimes, fathers start referring to themselves with such names.

From the moment we are born, fathers spoil us with affection, gifts of love and are vested in our wellbeing and development. The male figure compliments the energy of the female figure in our lives: a sort of yin and yang of energy. As a father, you are in a position to exert a specifically masculine influence upon your child(ren). However, there are many characteristics that both mother and father possess that are expressed differently and children intuit at a very young age that mom and dad are different! Each has their unique roles in a family and provides a different balance and energy.

So let us celebrate the Dad you know. I asked some of my clients what most endeared them to their father and each one came up with something sweet and special.

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How do you remember your Dad? Here are some probing questions I asked:

  • Was he the stay at home Dad?
  • Did he go to work everyday?
  • Was he there when you woke up to have breakfast together or did he leave early to work?
  • Did he take you to school, or pick you up from school?
  • Did he cook dinner?
  • Did he read you bedtime stories?
  • Was the weekend spent playing sports or watching sports on TV?
  • Did he play ball with you?
  • Did he question and interrogate your first date?
  • Was he waiting for you to get back safely the first day you drove your car?
  • Did he cry when you went off to college?
  • Was he present when you came home from holidays to welcome and carry your luggage?
  • Did he take you out for a drink?
  • Did he cry at your wedding?
  • Is he crazy about your kids?

Of course, we don’t live in a utopian world and not everyone has happy memories of their father? We all have different Love Languages, a unique way of expressing love. Seek to find your father’s love language. Was it the quality time he spent with you, gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service or those hugs and kisses? Despite hardships, we can all seek to find happy moments or memories dear to our hearts.

We can celebrate our father’s everyday but on this Father’s Day, reminisce about those special moments you had together. Say “ Thank you Dad for all you did for us, the sacrifices and hard times you endured and the lessons you taught us so we can have meaningful and happy lives. The strong values and ethics you instilled in us prepared us for our future with confidence. These values in turn, will be passed to our children.”

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Enjoy the day, celebrate with your Dad and remember the good times!

Lots of Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna
Founder: Dorothea Essences

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