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Learn New Healing Techniques for Yourself and Your Clients
With Doris Muna, Third Generation Healer
  • Pray & Meditate for World Peace (Level I)

    Experiencing the Teachings of ALWY – is the first Step - the first of two Levels to “Awaken the Light Within You”.

    Have you ever longed to reach an inner state of Inner Calmness and Peace?
    Have you ever wondered - how you can escape from the Emotional agitation or turmoil within you or around you?
    Do you wish to release the procession of constant Negative Thoughts or Repetitive Thought Patterns – going around your head like a Broken Record?

    Do these Negative Thoughts and Emotions - tend to turn you against yourself or turn you against the people around you?
    Have you felt it would be too challenging or too expensive – to tackle these situations that disturb your Equanimity?

  • Are your elderly parents forgetful – and unable to remember when they paid their last utility bill?
    Are your children receiving High Marks – or are their Exam scores a constant concern?

    If these are conditions concern you - here is an interesting option that may enhance the quality of your life – and improve the lives of your family members.

    This occurs through Stimulating your Mental Power!

    In 2 short Minutes can turn on your BRAIN - with The Brain Boosting Exercise – which is so simple even a Child can do it!

    The Brain Boosting Exercise will Upgrade your Performance, Improve your Recollection, Accelerate Learning, Sharpen your Business Negotiations - so that YOU can Unlock your True Potential.

  • March Full Moon

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    Full Moon Meditation 2018

    We invite you to take part in this guided, one-hour meditation. Regardless of whether meditation is new to you or if you are an experienced practitioner, all are welcome.

    March Full Moon: Blue Moon

    Meditation allows for introspection by taking time to still the body, quiet the mind and just be with the present moment.

    Through meditation we can bring ourselves back into balance and cultivate space to hear and integrate the wisdom of the inner self into our conscious being.

  • For centuries Natural Healers and others have used their hands to "Feel" or "Scan" various kinds of Energies.
    Now you can learn the Skill of "Feeling Energy" OR you may vastly improve this important ability to a far greater degree – in only one day!

    Have you ever wondered if someone was telling you the Truth?
    Have you ever wondered which product to buy when you were out shopping?
    Have you ever wanted to feel "Energy" but do not have confidence in your ability to be accurate?
    Do you think that "other people" might be able to feel Energy more accurately than you can?

    Some Energy Healers have already studied the ancient Art of "Feeling Energies" or "Scanning" ...
    yet many really feel no confidence in the precision of their skill, they hesitate to explore or may frequently disregard their intuitional guidance - that may occur when "Feeling Energy" or "Scanning".
    Many people simply have never had a real opportunity to partake in a guided Practice of this ancient Art.
    Become confident in using your senses to grasp the multiple kinds of information available to you - through more deeply understanding the nature of Subtle Energy.

    Individuals of our generation are often interested in the practical aspects involved in developing the skill needed to determine - which in a series of goals might be best for them.
    Spiritual students may also learn to evaluate their own Spiritual Development through monitoring their progress through Scanning.
    The objective of this course is not to teach anyone Pranic Energy Healing.
    The purpose of this course is to assist both lay people and Energy Healers alike ... to fine tune their ability to easily be able to distinguish degrees of, or qualities of - Subtle Energies - from one another.

    Please join us for one day that will change your life!


  • Ignite Your Soul (Level II)

    When a Practitioner reaches a State of Inner Stillness - then there may be a moment when they experience a sensation like a gentle but intense internal explosion. They may experience simultaneously or suddenly be Aware of an Intense Degree of Oneness with their Soul, with God and with All.

    This is why this part of Awakening the Light Within You – is called “Ignite Your Soul” ...

    When this breakthrough comes – the Practitioner, symbolically speaking – moves through a Gateway – that unlocks deeper Understanding of the Subtle Inner Worlds, as well as Spiritual Truths – including Incarnation, Karma, Clairvoyance and ultimately Spiritual Liberation. They may experience many levels of Universal Truths – while on the Path to Illumination.

    In Level II of Awakening the Light Within You the student learns simple techniques – that readily allow them to move through this Gateway into the Blissfulness of Divine Oneness.

    To reach this state - a short simple series of Teachings and Techniques - are recommended.

    Through Regular Practice generally Practitioners develop Greater Compassion and their Will Power and Energy Level is substantially Increased. They become better channels for the Divine Light, Love & Power.

    Swami Muktananda wrote about his personal experiences during Meditation ... and stated:

    In the center of that effulgence (Luminous Light) lies a tiny & fascinatingly beautiful light ... When your Meditation deepens you begin to see it, Sparkling & Scintillating. Sometimes it comes out of the Eyes & stands in front of you. It moves with the speed of Lightning & it is so subtle that when it passes through the eye ... the eye doesn't feel its Movement ...

    Extracted from Does Death Really Exist?, by
    Swami Muktananda,©1995, Page 36

    Join us for this Transformational Workshop!

    Prerequisite for this class : Awaken the light within Level I  

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