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Learn New Healing Techniques for Yourself and Your Clients
With Doris Muna, Third Generation Healer
  • Discover a deeper healing bond with the pets in your life.

    Learn valuable insights and techniques with the Dorothea Pet Healing 6-Day Seminar.

    Now you can learn to heal the precious pet or pets in your life by communicating with them, and applying energy healing to create a deeper bond.
    No matter if your pet is a cat, dog, horse, bird, or other kind of animal, they deserve a happy and healthy life, and you can help give it to them!

    The amazing Dorothea Pet Healing 6-Day Seminar has been specifically designed for anyone who loves pets including

    • pet owners
    • pet walkers
    • pet sitters
    • Volunteers at pet and animal shelters,
    • pet hospitals and clinics
    • plus anyone who has considered performing pet healing as a profession
    • those who want to pamper and treat their pets to something special.

    In 6 days of training, you’ll acquire new skills that will allow you to:

    • Feel the energy field of your pet
    • Maintain a healthy pet and prevent illness
    • Determine if the issue is a physical pain or emotional one
    • Heal physical challenges such as arthritis, tumors, skin rashes or digestive trouble
    • Heal behavioral and/or emotional issues such as aggressive or fearful behavior
    • Develop and enhance communication with your pet
    • Nurture the bond of love between you and your pet
    • Connect with your pet energetically
    • Utilize flower essences for any situation
    • Use essential oils and alternative options for various challenges, whether emotional or physical
    • Help a dying pet and say goodbye when the only choice is euthanasia

    Keep your pet healthy and happy.

    doris with animals

    Enroll today for the Dorothea Pet Healing 6-Day Seminar. Space is limited.

    Part I Saturday October 21st and Sunday October 22nd

    Part II and Part III
    in 2018.

    Part I price: 
    Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701, USA
    10 am until 5pm

    Free Gifts

    pet healing spray

    All seminar materials including a Dorothea Flower Essence 

    and a Dorothea Pet Aura Spray.

    For more information

    or call Doris Muna @ 805-807-3097

  • Pray & Meditate for World Peace (Level I)

    Experiencing the Teachings of ALWY – is the first Step - the first of two Levels to “Awaken the Light Within You”.

    Have you ever longed to reach an inner state of Inner Calmness and Peace?
    Have you ever wondered - how you can escape from the Emotional agitation or turmoil within you or around you?
    Do you wish to release the procession of constant Negative Thoughts or Repetitive Thought Patterns – going around your head like a Broken Record?

    Do these Negative Thoughts and Emotions - tend to turn you against yourself or turn you against the people around you?
    Have you felt it would be too challenging or too expensive – to tackle these situations that disturb your Equanimity?

  • For centuries Natural Healers and others have used their hands to "Feel" or "Scan" various kinds of Energies.
    Now you can learn the Skill of "Feeling Energy" OR you may vastly improve this important ability to a far greater degree – in only one day!

    Have you ever wondered if someone was telling you the Truth?
    Have you ever wondered which product to buy when you were out shopping?
    Have you ever wanted to feel "Energy" but do not have confidence in your ability to be accurate?
    Do you think that "other people" might be able to feel Energy more accurately than you can?

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    Full Moon Meditation 2017

    We invite you to take part in this guided, one-hour meditation. Regardless of whether meditation is new to you or if you are an experienced practitioner, all are welcome.

    November Full Moon: Beaver Moon

    Meditation allows for introspection by taking time to still the body, quiet the mind and just be with the present moment.

    Through meditation we can bring ourselves back into balance and cultivate space to hear and integrate the wisdom of the inner self into our conscious being.

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