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Learn New Healing Techniques for Yourself and Your Clients
With Doris Muna, Third Generation Healer

Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Energy Healing Workshop Level 1

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient Method of Balancing the Physical Body, the Personality, one’s Life and Environment.

This Method uses Knowledge about the Existence of the Energy Bodies - which Surround and Infuse the Physical Body with Vital Life Force. This “Life Force” is contained within every aspect of Life and may be directed from one person to another person, to an object, to plants, to one’s business or to anyone or anything that requires Energetic Support, Harmonizing or Strengthening.

These improvements occur through the Application of Techniques and Protocols that utilize Chi Energy or Prana. Very frequently an additional Supply of Energy is required to establish a Solid Equilibrium within the various components of the Body's Physical and Energy Systems - including its Electromagnetic Field and Subtle Bodies.

Pranic Energy Healing Level I teaches one how to achieve Balance of various factors with Energy alone - without ever Physically Touching another Person ...

What can you Learn in two days?

  • How to Feel Subtle Energy
  • How to Evaluate various "Layers" of the Energy Bodies and other Nuances of Subtle Energy
  • Rapidly & accurately finding areas where a person's Energy is constricted or where "Energy Blockages" occur
  • Learning how to Remove them
  • Learning how to Project Fresh Vital Life Force
  • Learning how to Achieve Internal Stillness through Invocation, Prayer and Meditation
  • Learning to use the Power of Yogic Breathing or Pranayama
  • Using Easy Physical Exercises to Increase your Energy
  • Practical Application of Energy for various needs

Pranic Energy Healing was compiled by the Life Partner of Master Choa Kok Sui - Charlotte Anderson.

After this workshop a Practitioner will immediately and successfully be able to perform Miraculous Treatments.

Why is this workshop important for you?

It Will:

  • Train you on the Fundamental Techniques of Pranic Energy Healing
  • Provide you with a lifelong tool to increase Well-Being daily
  • Activate your Personal Techniques for Energy Restoration
  • Allow you to change your own life through understanding Energy
  • Teach you simple knowledge about the Energy Body - which offers the possibility to adapt a holistic understanding of the broad scope of the world of Energy.

This workshop will take 2 days or around 16 hours. The information will be transmitted in a simple and clear way. Anyone who is interested can participate in this workshop. The Target is to be able to use the Learned Skills immediately!

Class information:

Date: December Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

Location: Ventura

Price $275 until December 1st after $325


Pranic Energy Healing Workshop Level II


Pranic Energy Healing Level II is for all those who feel the need to have more Knowledge and a broader Understanding regarding Energy and its Applications – than given in Level I.

This Level gives a Practitioner advanced Techniques to professionalize their skills through the Application of Color Energy Treatments.

In this Workshop Practitioners will learn to more deeply understand that Energy Technology is not based only on the Movement of the Hands nor should their knowledge be limited to a simple understanding of proper Energy Flow.

Regular Spiritual Practice gives the Practitioner a clear sharp Mind which assists in clarifying their Intention to Utilize and Project the correct Frequency of Subtle Energy, the correct Tone of Colored Energy, and the proper Quantity or Dose of the Colored Energy they wish to Project.

Colored Energies are used to increase the Vibration of a Client’s Energy Information Field, of an Energy Center, or of a certain Area in a Client’s life.

Imbalances may rapidly be shifted into free flowing Energy. This will allow for rapid Transformation and Revitalization of the Client’s Energy System.

During this 2-Day Workshop - Fundamental Concepts are imparted. This allows for an upgrading and amplification of a Practitioner’s ability to utilize Subtle Energy - through their enhanced Understanding of the High Potency and Power of Colored Energies.

Advanced Techniques provided – assist a Practitioner to more accurately Assess the Energy Field, Energy Centers, as well as different Areas of the body and its Organs.

Practitioners learn how to rapidly determine if Unwanted Energy Connections are present in a Client’s Energy System. These “Cords” whether permissible or impermissible - may be rapidly removed from the Client’s Energy Field during a Treatment.

Practitioners will learn to use Spiritual Healing, Invocative Treatments – and Ancient Divine Healing Techniques

Energy Hygiene for Practitioners is emphasized and explained.

This Workshop is an extension of Level I. Practitioners may upgrade their knowledge and understanding of Energy Treatments - through the presentation of this comprehensive new information.

The Knowledge shared – may be utilized immediately!
Innovative Treatments utilizing Subtle Energy may be easily applied and the Practitioner – is usually able to produce a predictable positive outcome.

Prerequisites: For this level students need to have completed  and once they do they will be notified of the dates of this class.  


Pranic Energy Healing Workshop Level III

Pranic Energy Healing Level III provides a Practitioner with the ability to understand more about the Emotional & Mental aspects of their Clients –about how they Feel and how they Think. This is closely related to the state of their Health and Vitality.

Stress, Irritation, the Inability to see clearly in difficult situations, and the way a person’s emotions are acted out in their daily life are examined from the Energy side.

Practitioners learn to recognize Negative Unwanted Energies, Thought Forms, Energy Entities or Elementals that cloud their Client’s perception. In an ordinary person – these perceptions may be passed off as insignificant or disregarded entirely - as unimportant.

Through this new interpretation – Practitioners may more deeply understand their Client’s actions. The Practitioner may rapidly develop tools to evaluate various indicators affecting the condition of their Client’s Emotions and Mind.

When Clients are dominated by these Negative Energies, frequently they Lack Vitality, may exhibit ill health, feel “unwell” or “uneasy”.

Generally we may state that the presence of Unwanted Energy Beings within the Energy Field - creates a lack of flow or stagnation in the Flow of Energy within their Energy Field. Frequently they influence or block a person from exhibiting normal behavior – due to their contaminating presence.

Through new Level III techniques Practitioners may assess the Client’s Energy Field and Subtle Energies affecting them. Through identifying and verifying the presence of various types of Unwanted Energies both in the Energy Centers and in a person’s Energy Field the Client’s condition may be rapidly stabilized – and re-filled with Healthy Fresh Radiant Energy.

Pranic Energy Healing Level III trains you to:


  • Understand Fundamental Differences between Energy Beings such as Thought Forms, Energy Entities and Elementals.

  • To grasp how a person thinks and feels, or is affected by the presence of these Unwanted Energies.
  • Uses Advanced Methods to Assess Subtle Energies - as well as the Energies of Obstructive Negative Thought Forms, Accumulated Negative Energies and other types of Disruptive Energies
  • Negative Unwanted Qualities may rapidly be removed from the Subconscious Mind & from the Subtle Bodies of a Client –
    through new fast methods to extract and rapidly repair the Etheric Damage that sometimes occurs when these types of Energies are present.

  • Regular use of Level III Treatment to stabilize a Client’s Emotional State and Mental Outlook – restoring Balance and Harmony to their lives.


Prerequisites: For this level students need to have completed  and and once they do they will be notified of the dates of this class.  


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