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Triangle of Health classes comes to Spain

Doris giving a talk to the Marbella healing circle group about the Triangle of Health approach to wellness. The event was in Marbella, Spain with an amazing group of people.  We ran a class about food intolerances and intro to Touch for Health.
I look forward to running more classes soon.

The Triangle of Health

The triangle of health reflects my philosophy and my approach to healing. The more I have worked with clients, the more I have realized it is a combination of three healing systems that yields the fastest, most effective results.
The first is an approach using the Chinese Meridian System, the second is the Indian Chakra System, and the third are the Remedies from Nature. 

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Finding the Root and Discovering the Triangle of Health

Energy healing examines the root causes of pain and/or disease, rather than placating the symptoms. Most people, I believe, want to find the root cause of their back pain, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. They also want to know why certain diseases skip their partners or family members who are under the same roof, living the same lifestyle, and perhaps even have the same parents. What makes one person healthy and another not?

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Energy Healing

The term “energy healing” has become a recent buzz phrase, and synonymous with alternative healing. On a deeper level, the concept of energy healing is described as a system of healing that is natural and familiar to us all. Energy is born in each of us and is part of our DNA. Energy directs our survival, our decisions, and our behavior. Our bodies are made of energy, and our cells and molecules are held together by it.

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Getting Involved and Looking for Real Answers

Not long ago, people would accept a medical doctor’s prognosis and abide by his or her recommendations to the letter, never asking questions or challenging the decision. Today, however, people are becoming more proactive in managing their health and most want to be involved in their health decisions. They are more informed about their bodies, health, disease, medication, and diagnosis.

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